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Facebook Likes predict sexual orientation, religion, and more

A new study takes the saying “what you like says a lot about you” to a whole new level. Researchers from Cambridge University analyzed 58,000 Facebook profiles and found that a person’s Facebook Likes, which are public by default, are highly accurate in predicting personal, sometimes sensitive details about him or her. Simply analyzing a […]

LinkedIn selling your resume? IPO changes how they’re using personal info

LinkedIn has a new product that’s geared more towards building revenue than building relationships.  It’s called Talent Pipeline, and it’s for job recruiters to go after “passive talent”: gifted potential employees who aren’t actively looking for jobs. As blogger Lauren Fisher notes on, it looks like LinkedIn is “moving more into being a network […]

How the new Facebook buttons are watching you

At f8, Facebook’s developer conference, they’ll be announcing a bunch of new buttons that will join the 905,000 websites that already use “Like” buttons.  Now you’ll have “Read,” “Listened,” “Want,” and “Watched.” buttons. But did you know that social buttons track you at each site you visit, even if you never click on them? This […]