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Concerns Grow Among Ad Industry with Rollout of iOS 11

In late September, Apple released the next update to its extremely popular operating system, iOS 11. Like most operating system updates it includes the normal performance improvements, security patches or bug fixes you’d expect.  This time through, Apple also introduced Intelligent Tracking Protection in its Safari browser, and major players in the ad industry are […]

How you can use Abine’s Blur App with iOS10 and iPhone 7

It’s become a regular September event with Apple—the tech giant has once again delivered its latest news: the iPhone 7 is here. Apart from the fact that every iPhone user will eventually have to switch over to wireless headphones, the iPhone 7 introduction did not appear to be a breakthrough announcement by any means. 

Protect your identity with a perfect pair: Blur and your VPN

People who are concerned about their online privacy will often use a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, to reroute their IP address and make it appear that they are browsing from somewhere else.   Blur, the only password manager that also protects your payments and privacy, is an ideal partner to a VPN service. Why? […]

Firefox adds Tracker Blocking to Private Browsing – Abine’s view

Firefox adds Tracker Blocking Mozilla recently added tracking protection as an option for its private browsing mode, taking Firefox one (baby?) step further than other major browsers when it comes to private browsing. We at Abine were makers of “Do Not Track Me” for Firefox (now merged into our premier privacy service called Blur) consider […]

The 4-Step System To Sure-Fire Private Browsing

The term “Private Browsing” can be somewhat of a misnomer. Simply turning on your internet browser’s “Privacy Mode” (a.k.a private browsing, incognito mode, etc.) does not keep all prying eyes away. Sure, a browser’s privacy mode can definitely protect your browsing habits on your own device when you tell your browser not to keep any […]

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