private browsing

The 4-Step System To Sure-Fire Private Browsing

The term “Private Browsing” can be somewhat of a misnomer. Simply turning on your internet browser’s “Privacy Mode” (a.k.a private browsing, incognito mode, etc.) does not keep all prying eyes away. Sure, a browser’s privacy mode can definitely protect your browsing habits on your own device when you tell your browser not to keep any […]

Google’s Good to Know campaign and privacy

Google wants to educate you about privacy with a website and campaign called “Good to Know.”  They’ve spent tens of millions to get the word out about Good to Know, which has great information on things like how to shop online safely, choose a smart password, and actually understand what an IP address is. We applaud […]

A visual guide to turning on privacy features in your web browser

Last updated 9/7/2011 to include changes to Safari 5.1. The browser you’re using right now can block some online tracking technologies–like flash cookies and web trackers that can secretly share your online activities and history–but chances are you’re not doing it.  Not because you don’t care about getting some online privacy, not because you don’t […]