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Your name, their database: removing yourself from people search sites

Have you ever Googled yourself and found your name and contact info listed publicly online?  This is a common phenomenon, and it’s happening to more of us every day.  A few weeks ago, we ranked the best and worst of people search websites:  places like Spokeo.com, Intelius.com, and WhitePages.com that collect and post your personal […]

The best and worst of people search websites

We ranked the biggest people search websites based on customer service, ease of opting yourself out, and respect for privacy. Check out the best and the worst of these intrusive sites.

Would you be happier with less information online?

Think of it as an “undo” button for your online activity:  most of what you do on the internet can be undone. Note to readers: we wrote this post way back at the beginning of 2011 and our DeleteMe service has changed a lot since then. We no longer offer custom deletion services like closing […]

Microsoft and Do Not Track: Internet Explorer’s new privacy push

The next version of the IE browser will let you subscribe to lists that help you avoid being tracked online.

Do Not Track: the new standard in online privacy

The technologies users need to put together today to get the simple benefit of “Do Not Track” are complicated. We’re simplifying them.

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