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5 simple privacy tips for instant improvements

The lack of online privacy is a big problem, and with Facebook’s controversial proposed privacy policy changes, it’s only getting worse. Luckily, we’ve got 5 easy privacy tips that will immediately cut down on your unwanted digital footprint. Web users know that their information is floating around on the Internet because they intentionally share certain […]

Xbox One will know your face, voice, and heartbeat

Microsoft announced the next generation of its gaming console today, called the Xbox One. Among the new features are biometrics that promise to know you inside and out, which raise some serious privacy concerns. We’ll take you through them one by one. The Xbox One has a lot of new features, including more powerful hardware […]

8 essential facebook photo privacy tips

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then Facebook is an encyclopedia about all of us. You never know when a Facebook photo of you will come back to haunt you in a job search, a first date, a college application, or just embarrass you. Lock down your photos and limit your risks with these […]

What happens at Mardi Gras parties…ends up on Facebook

Today is Fat Tuesday, the height of Mardi Gras celebrations everywhere. It’s a great day for having fun with friends, wearing costumes, and escaping from everyday reality . . . unless your escapades catch up with you online. We’ve got 9 tips to help you avoid a privacy hangover. What happens in New Orleans doesn’t […]

The top 6 FAQs about facial recognition

With the FTC currently focusing on facial recognition, we figured it was a good time to  provide answers to the 6 biggest questions about this technology and how it affects you. 1.  What is facial recognition? 2.  How is facial recognition being used today? 3.  Can I be recognized?  How? 4.  What can I do […]

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