Privacy News of the Week

Commercial facial-recognition software is here – should you be concerned? Who else but Facebook, with its 1.3 billion users and hundreds of millions of their photos, would have developed an advanced facial-recognition program? The software, called DeepFace, is already in use: If you upload a new picture with other people in it, Facebook will try to identify […]

The Facebook phone isn’t a phone: it’s a super-app

Facebook announced its big plan for mobile today, called Facebook Home. Despite speculation that it would be a Facebook phone or a Facebook operating system, it’s more like a super app with “deep integration” into Android phones. It’s basically Facebook’s status stream brought to your phone’s home screen. As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg put it, […]

Facebook’s News Feed gets a facelift today

At a live press event today, Facebook announced a major overhaul of News Feed, the front page of Facebook. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg started off the announcement by saying that “we’re trying to give everyone in the world the best personalized newspaper we can.” His statement sums up the goal of the redesign: […]

Hackers attack Apple and Facebook

Even the giants of the tech industry are vulnerable to significant security breaches. Only days after Facebook revealed it had been hacked, Apple announced in a statement to Reuters that it was also the victim of a similar security attack involving the infection of malicious software (“malware”) on employee computers. Apple also disclosed that “other […]

Facebook’s gunning for LinkedIn and Google with new Graph Search

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced today that big changes are coming to Facebook’s search. You’ll soon be able to run advanced, detailed searches on Facebook for photos, people, interests, dates, and more…or any combination of them. Some examples of things you’ll be able to look up: “friends who like Game of Thrones,” “music liked by […]

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