Hackers attack Apple and Facebook

Even the giants of the tech industry are vulnerable to significant security breaches. Only days after Facebook revealed it had been hacked, Apple announced in a statement to Reuters that it was also the victim of a similar security attack involving the infection of malicious software (“malware”) on employee computers. Apple also disclosed that “other […]

Facebook’s gunning for LinkedIn and Google with new Graph Search

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced today that big changes are coming to Facebook’s search. You’ll soon be able to run advanced, detailed searches on Facebook for photos, people, interests, dates, and more…or any combination of them. Some examples of things you’ll be able to look up: “friends who like Game of Thrones,” “music liked by […]

Brace yourself: Facebook spam is coming

Facebook’s rolling out its changes to your inbox today, among other privacy changes you’ll see at the top right-hand side of your Facebook screen, called “privacy shortcuts.” The biggest change to messages: anyone can send you a message now, not just your friends. That opens the door to unwanted pestering from advertisers, companies, spammers, and […]

Outrage over Instagram’s license to use your image and photos

From celebrities to everyday people, many of Instagram’s 7.3 million daily users are upset about its proposed privacy changes and Terms of Use changes that give it a license to use your photos and image. The outrage was so loud that Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom tried to reassure users with a blog post, saying that […]

Who are these tracking companies? Meet AdRoll.

AdRoll is a popular and fast-growing ad network specializing in helping other advertisers (over 5,000 of them) “re-target” you.  This means they help bring you ads related to things you’ve shopped for before.  Whether you prefer to call them more relevant ads or ads that follow you around, AdRoll is at the cutting edge of […]

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