Outrage over Instagram’s license to use your image and photos

From celebrities to everyday people, many of Instagram’s 7.3 million daily users are upset about its proposed privacy changes and Terms of Use changes that give it a license to use your photos and image. The outrage was so loud that Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom tried to reassure users with a blog post, saying that […]

Who are these tracking companies? Meet AdRoll.

AdRoll is a popular and fast-growing ad network specializing in helping other advertisers (over 5,000 of them) “re-target” you.  This means they help bring you ads related to things you’ve shopped for before.  Whether you prefer to call them more relevant ads or ads that follow you around, AdRoll is at the cutting edge of […]

The 5 biggest changes to Facebook’s privacy policies

While you were probably home enjoying time off from work for Thanksgiving, Facebook was busy revising their privacy policies. You’ve probably heard about this because people in your news feed have been posting status updates declaring that they own their Facebook data (spoiler alert: those don’t do anything). There are major changes in the works […]

Why Facebook is confused: reposting public messages is still about privacy

Everyone can learn from watching Facebook’s timeline of its own recent activity – whether it motivates you to change how you use Facebook is, of course, your choice. The latest? Facebook users this week began noticing old messages being automatically reposted as new on their timelines (the new layout forced as an upgrade on all users). A Facebook spokesperson […]

You’re getting Facebook Timeline, whether you like it or not

Last week, Facebook began forcing its Timeline layout on the holdouts who have made it since September 2011 without upgrading to the new format. Reports from India said that Facebook would move all users to Timeline by August 13th; however, a Facebook spokesperson says that “the clock is different for everyone” but the transition will […]

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