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Facebook still missing the most critical privacy setting after FTC settlement

After Facebook’s privacy settlement with the FTC, what you do on Facebook will be more protected.  That’s good news, but it doesn’t address the fact that Facebook tracks its members (and even non-members) off Facebook.  And Facebook knows more about your internet activity than ever before. There is no privacy setting anywhere in Facebook that […]

USA Today uncovers Facebook tracking: we stop it

The secret’s out:  Facebook tracks you everywhere you go online for 90 days, even when you’re logged out, even if you’re not a member.  USA Today’s Byron Acohido shared the story today. We hate to say we told you so, but we did:  we blogged about this problem over a month ago–not once, but twice–and […]

How the new Facebook buttons are watching you

At f8, Facebook’s developer conference, they’ll be announcing a bunch of new buttons that will join the 905,000 websites that already use “Like” buttons.  Now you’ll have “Read,” “Listened,” “Want,” and “Watched.” buttons. But did you know that social buttons track you at each site you visit, even if you never click on them? This […]