Online tracking 101: an infographic

Online tracking is everywhere, but it’s not that easy to understand. Why? It’s invisible without a privacy tool like DoNotTrackMe, it’s carried about by hundreds of different companies you’ve probably never heard of, it happens through all sorts of tracking technologies from cookies to JavaScript code, and the dangers of it aren’t immediately clear. Every […]

It keeps getting better: DNTMe is now blocking 28 more trackers

Did you know that we’re always updating DNTMe to block new trackers? You’re seeing this post because one of these updates just happened: we added 28 new trackers to DNTMe’s block list. These updates are free, automatic, and designed to keep you safer and more private online. They happen whenever we add trackers to our […]

What is Do Not Track? An illustrated guide

The awesome private search engine DuckDuckGo recently released a simple explanatory page about Do Not Track. They’re great at taking complicated technology topics and making them really easy to understand, like how Google tracks all your searches, and this one is no exception. Here’s the big takeaway: You’d think turning on the “Do Not Track” […]

How Facebook buttons track you when you’re on other sites

You’re being followed online. Trackers follow you across the web, collecting and selling personal information like the articles you read, your favorite sites, your Facebook friends, your buying habits, and the videos you watch to build super-detailed profiles about you. Companies use these profiles for things ranging from merely annoying, like targeted online ads, to […]

Introducing DoNotTrackMe (DNTMe) for online privacy made easy

More than 2.5 million people who have tried DoNotTrackPlus (DNT+) to stop online tracking (and if you were one of them, thanks!). Now, we’re excited to announce that DNT+ has become DoNotTrackMe (DNTMe). It’s the same free privacy tool you know and love, but with some terrific upgrades: Stronger tracker-blocking. DNTMe stops more than 50 […]

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