Fighting CISPA, one domain name transfer at a time

Abine strives to be a beacon for privacy in an otherwise invasive sea of tracking. We try quite hard to make sure that our products reflect our values. One thing that we don’t have as much control over, however, is ensuring that the companies that we partner with also are aligned with these values. Today, […]

How to choose a VPN that actually protects your privacy

The following post is from iVPN’s head of business development Christopher Reynolds. IVPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider and Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) member that’s dedicated to protecting user privacy.  Make no mistake: we’re in the midst of an upheaval when it comes to online surveillance laws. From the US to Australia, western […]

What is CISPA, and how will it affect your online life?

A bill called CISPA is up for a vote this week, and many are saying that it could significantly change how the government accesses your online data. CISPA is complicated, so we wanted to simplify it and share the big points.  We hope this explains what CISPA is and how it could impact you. What […]