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Your age is common knowledge on the internet

If you’re browsing without blocking tracking, you’re telling the world how old you are. Let’s say you’re applying for jobs.  Most hiring managers who want to steer clear of age discrimination won’t directly ask you how old you are (unless they’re checking that you’re over a minimum age requirement).  Or maybe you’re not comfortable with […]

A visual guide to turning on privacy features in your web browser

Last updated 9/7/2011 to include changes to Safari 5.1. The browser you’re using right now can block some online tracking technologies–like flash cookies and web trackers that can secretly share your online activities and history–but chances are you’re not doing it.  Not because you don’t care about getting some online privacy, not because you don’t […]

Getting from PrivacyVille to the real world of online privacy

Zynga, creator of Farmville and Words With Friends, seems to have done the impossible:  it made privacy policies fun.  With its new game PrivacyVille, Zynga turned the chore of reading privacy policies into a game. The incentive for playing?  200 zPoints, Zynga’s currency, which users get from playing any of Zynga’s games.  Because there’s an […]

50 cents for your MySpace profile: what will happen to your data now?

Welcome to a world where your online identity, and a lot about your personal life, goes around and around to the highest bidder. If you’re one of the 70 million people who used, your profile now belongs to the targeted advertising network that bought them on June 29, 2011, Specific Media. If you don’t […]

To track or not to track? Introducing DoNotTrackPlus

We recently released a new add-on called Do Not Track Plus (DNT+) that combines some different technology approaches and standards like Do Not Track, all meant to help consumers enjoy better and easier online privacy, into one package. Here’s the full press release: Why offer one solution that supports a bunch of different ways […]

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