You can’t stop the NSA from tracking you, but you can make it harder

stop the nsa from tracking youWhat can regular people do to stop NSA spying? That’s the big question in the wake of the NSA surveillance news that’s shaken the nation.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a simple answer. There’s no way to block NSA surveillance completely. Even if you rebelled against technology, ditched your mobile phone, and avoided using heavily-tracked web services like Facebook and Google, you’d still be on surveillance cameras that capture your face, license plate scanners, and credit databases, among other things.

But let’s not get pessimistic. There are tools you can use to make it harder for others to track you. They won’t eliminate your footprint, but they’ll blur the picture of you that emerges through your data. Read on to learn about them.  

Let’s start with a little context. It’s important to remember that almost all surveillance starts with private companies. Apple, AT&T, Microsoft, Google, Verizon…companies like these mine your data for commercial reasons, but they end up having to give it up to law enforcement when asked. Staying more private means keeping your data out of the hands of the private companies that feed the government.

Once the private sector collects personal data, three main things can happen to it. You might not care about all three, but you’ll probably care about one:

 1. It’s lost in a data breach. Look at the LivingSocial breach as an example: 50 million people’s names, emails, birthdates, and encrypted passwords gone in one hack.

2. The company misuses it in a way you didn’t expect or intend, that violates your privacy, or that makes you uncomfortable. Facebook is a champion of this kind of misuse by constantly changing its privacy policies and eroding default protections.

3. The government may use it. Enter PRISM and the NSA.

 Whether you’re concerned with 1, 2, or 3, the results are the same and the solution for consumers is the same: use tools and best practices to avoid private companies from ever getting your data in the first place. Privacy laws certainly need an overhaul, but regulation isn’t an immediate solution for the everyday Internet user.

Tools to help you go private

For more in-depth guides, we recommend the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Surveillance Self Defense site and

Also note that 1), some of these tools are kind of complicated if you aren’t tech savvy; and 2), many require 2-way encryption to work (so both you and the person you’re communicating with would have to have it installed).

A good starting place if you’re a Firefox user is our collection of simple-to-use privacy add-ons.

Here are some of our favorite tools that you can try:

stop the nsa from tracking you

Internet Service Provider (ISP): Sonic
Wireless provider: Cricket
Encrypt an email account you already have: Thunderbird with Enigmail; Mac Mail with GPGTools; Outlook with GPG4Win
Private email clients: Unspyable, Countermail, or Shazzle
Search engines: Ixquick and DuckDuckGo
Mobile calls: RedPhone, Silent Circle
Android proxy: Orbot
iOS proxy: FoxyProxy (configure it as a proxy, not a VPN)
Mobile photos: ObscuraCam
Text messaging: TextSecure
Online tracker blocking: our very own DNTMe
Web-based chatting: Adium with OTR, Cryptocat
Mobile chatting: ChatSecure (iOS)Virtual private networks (VPNs): iVPN, Private Wifi
Hard drive encryption: TrueCrypt
Web browser: Tor Browser (and Mozilla’s Firefox is the best major browser on privacy)
Mobile browser: Onion Browser (iOS), Orweb (Android)

There’s an emerging consumer privacy movement built around the premise of giving regular web users (regardless of tech-savvy) the power to limit the personal info collected about them, so expect the usability and availability of privacy tools to skyrocket soon. For example, if you’re a user of our stuff, then you probably know that we have a tool in the works that will help mask your contact information. We’re actually optimistic that people will have more privacy 5 years from now than they do today.

Mindsets to help you go private

Adopt the mindset of only giving out the personal data that you absolutely must—for example, at checkout or when signing up for an online account—to significantly reduce your digital footprint. Avoid companies that don’t respect your privacy. Just as one bad actor can induce a privacy scare, one good actor – like Edward Snowden, or you – can take the necessary steps to reduce your exposure and strengthen your sense of privacy. Please spread the word to the people you know that privacy invasions are a big deal. And realize that powerful web services like Facebook offer zero protection.

Most of the recent stories about big data collection and breaches have a central theme: the little guy matters and can do something. Whether that individual is a Facebook user who refuses to give the site her real name, an NSA whistleblower who tells the world when it’s being watched, or a person using a tool to block companies from tracking him online, each person has the power to move privacy forward or diminish it.

You should be concerned about the lack of privacy today, but not pessimistic. You already have tools and services that give you a say in the matter, and the best is yet to come.

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  • Holly Kang says:

    I care, but I’m not afraid of them. When I first read about this I jumped up and down, flapping my arms to the NSA on FB. Asked if I had their attention and gave them my full blown opinion of their behavior. I’m sure no one cares, but got that off my chest. I use FB to stay in touch with my granddaughter (18 now), and people I knew back east in high school 40 years ago. These people can’t hurt me for stating my opinion and if they do, they prove me right.

    • tuky says:

      There are case after case of people being hurt? Head in the sand perhaps?

      Anyone who has read Facebook’s tell-all policies would be ignorant to proceed. I have never ever used Facebook and communicate with friends and family just fine. If you use Facebook and shit goes down (as it did with my nephew who had to start facets of his life from scratch), then you are to blame. If you give your SSN to, say, WalMart or dentist’s corporation, in the end you do not have the opportunity to blame them.

      Most of this is in the privacy act of 1974 – which state and feds are currently conveniently ignoring. It’s up to you.

      • tuky says:

        1st sentence should read:
        There are case after case of people being hurt!
        Head in the sand perhaps?

        [while using this website, I used DoNotTrackMe on Chrome browser]

    • the nsa shouldn’t exist they monitor us and make radical opinions they say it is security but it is realy just another way for the government to spy on us all thanks to a bunch of scams if you ask me the government is filled with communist bastards

    • Thorben Kaufmann says:

      Well, really?
      They are not really interested in every single word you write or say! They want your statistical behaviour to interact an manipulate you! And that’s what they are doing. Manipulation of mind. Steering of market. And: what they do in Europe or better Germany is: spying of knowledge and technology efforts.
      But what they produce is: Bare hate against our “brother” or “friend”! Ask the people here in Germany: They start hating USA and laughing about the system what can only stand by beeing brutal in any way.
      USA is not a democratic state union an will never be if it goes like that! Wake up! And stand up!
      I’ve been in the Staates many times for business and meeting old friends. By now I nearly cut off all contacts. Why is everybody sleepy an always telling the bullshit of “I do not have anything what is worth to cover…”. Sorry, that’s the same bullshit like Grandpa’s generation told about Hitler: “We did not know about all this..!”
      Shocked? Wake up! For heavens sake!
      Greets from east side of atlantic.

        • Thorben Kaufmann says:

          Yeah, that’s your right – and that’s totally OK to me! I know that there are massive but somehow unheard protest rising. And that’s the point where I think: the U-states have one of the best Constitution on this glorious planet – but what the heck is the “dark-force” doing with it? Kicking and crushing! And always the same things for reason: fear, differentness, terror… And there are too many believers! That is the main problem – those who believe in a god-like system! Not the geeks and libertines are the problem. But those who closed their eyes for such a long time. Now everybody is caught in a system of opression. Pansophy you don’t get by school-books or TV.

          “Of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.” James Madison

          “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
          Benjamin Franklin

  • CT says:

    I enjoy reading and receiving the valuable information provided by Albine. I am grateful for your DNTMe+ product and have been using it for over a year now. I must take issue however with your characterization of Edward Snowden as one of the good guys. I do not believe the narrative we have received to date concerning Mr. Snowden and his activities are accurate let along reasonably complete enough to make such an assertion.

    With regard to the security issues concerning telephone Meta data I disagree with those that believe the content of a phone call is constitutionally protected, but the fact of a phone call is not. Traffic analysis is of higher value to the SIGINT community than content. I consider the mass collection of telephone Meta data from the American public a ‘General Warrant’ and a direct violation of the 4th amendment.

    The publicity generated by Mr. Snowden’s illegal disclosures are welcome, however there is nothing honorable or noble about the method he has taken to violate his oath.

    • XG says:

      Care to provide a better way for Mr. Snowden to provide that information?

    • nuno baptista says:

      ”….. however there is nothing honorable or noble about the method he has taken to violate his oath…..”

      really ? i guess he should have reported the NSA’a abuse against MILLIONS of people internally, yup that would have definitely solved it !!

      jeez, some people simply DON’T GET IT !! :-b

    • Atwas911 says:

      His “oath” does not apply to keeping criminal activity hidden.

      His oath is only to protect legal activities that are not in violation of the constitution.

      This entire situation is about criminals wanting to keep their crimes private and willing to murder and throw people in prison for life to continue to do so.

    • Zolan says:

      You have to remember that the government has tools to post as many different people to make it seem like common citizens are leaning a certain way such as Snowden not being a hero. Then, the vast majority of people do their best impression of sheep and start following these beliefs.

      Think for yourselves and you’ll be fine. I personally think he is a patriot that has done an amazing thing. It is up to us to follow through and try to fix it.

    • SC says:

      “The publicity generated by Mr. Snowden’s illegal disclosures are welcome, however there is nothing honorable or noble about the method he has taken to violate his oath.”

      Is there anything honorable or noble about continuing to bow to the demands of the United States government when they are in fact a corporate entity? A corporate entity (which almost everything on Earth sadly is – including States, Countries, Nations, Persons) cannot make rules over any living soul. If you read about the UCC and Commerce Law you would come to find that even within the legal code system (created by corporate entities) ALL corporate ‘governments’ are not even complying with their own code. Anything LAWFUL trumps anything LEGAL. Sadly, your viewpoint does not seem to suggest you’re aware of this.

      You also state, ” I consider the mass collection of telephone Meta data from the American public a ‘General Warrant’ and a direct violation of the 4th amendment.” Well as it turns out the NSA (and others) are not just collecting Meta data. Article here –

      See how you feel about Oaths to corporate entities who break even their own code and regulations ALL day long. Ed Snowden has done nothing wrong whatsoever. He’s trying to wake everyone up as to the utter illegality (and thus UNLAWFUL) acts committed in your name.

    • Alex says:

      What oath did he make? If any, as a 3rd part operative of a US government agency, the oath should have been made to the US constitution, that is what ALL intelligence officers should be making an oath to. That’s what should be protected, hence an oath to protect it above all else. If the constitution is being violated, then what is left to protect?

  • LV says:

    While I have been keeping abreast of the Great Snowden Reveal (so many articles, so little time), I know I am short on some details. I am very unclear as to what “oath” Snowden violated. I realize his position must have required some non-disclosure agreements in his contract, but isn’t disclosing what was once concealed an integral aspect of what makes a “whistle-blower” a “whistle-blower?” Now, I do know there is a Congressional Oath. I suspect they must not be doing a very good job at fulfilling it; Gallup poll released June 13, 2013 has Congressional approval rating at 10%.

  • lavendude says:

    Can you give an indication of how far away the MaskMe product is, how much it’s likely to cost (ball park if no specifics have been decided) and whether it will be available globally (I’m thinking of the mobile phone cover, which is of less importance to me than email).


  • Jay says:

    Just imagine if our foundling fathers thought like you…we would still be speaking in the queens tongue.

  • Erwin says:

    Wow, it still amazes me when I see comments like “I got nothing to hide, so I don’t care and neither should you” going around the web and coming out of the mouths of politicians. I also have placed some serious question marks at the alleged prevented attacks. I’m a sucker for privacy. Question me when you find me a suspect, but don’t follow me around all the time. I’m just an ordinary guy and I don’t appreciate the intrusion. It’s my right, OK? Thanks, Abine, for helping me with that.

    By the way: maybe Americans should be a little bit more concerned about how big their defense budget has become in comparison to the rest of the world. Crisis? What crisis?

  • mr says:

    1)Is DNT + MaskMe like Ghostery? –
    2)Even if using Tor can also be infered who you are by your web searches and acitivity??

    3)Sometimes it wont let me use Tor, connection refused, how can I override this if the ISP company doesnt let you use?

    4)Also, what are the names of the Proxies and Bridges I need to enter?
    5) Sometimes it says something about a Fascist Firewall that wont let me save the published bridges?

    • 1) DNTMe is similar to Ghostery, but there are a few significant differences. First, DNTMe blocks tracking by default right when you install it. With Ghostery, you have to go in and turn blocking on. Second, DNTMe safely blocks and rebuilds social buttons, so you can still share if you want to; Ghostery does not. Third, Abine is a consumer privacy company that’s funded by our customers and our investors. In contrast, the company that owns Ghostery (Evidon, formerly Better Advertising, Inc.) is funded by advertisers and businesses paying them for ad data and compliance. You can read more about that here:, and here:

      MaskMe is very different from both DNTMe and Ghostery. It lets you give out masked, alias information online when websites ask for it, like email addresses, phone numbers, and even credit cards. It lets you use the web and sign up for things without giving away your real personal info.

      2) Tor is a great privacy tool, but it’s not 100% foolproof. You can read more about that in this blog post by the people at Tor:
      3, 4, and 5) These are pretty detailed proxy questions and it’s a little outside our area of expertise, as we don’t make proxies or VPNs. I’d suggest you get in touch with whatever proxy you’re using and ask them.

  • notgiven says:

    ok all your TOR idiots…. TOR was designed by NAVAL INTELLIGENCE!@!!!! DUH… nuff said…..
    Second: NSA operates many of the VPN providers out there. so when you “opt out” you are actually opting in…
    Any encryption only certified for “top secret” has already been cracked by NSA. (think FIPS).
    Any SSL based encryption for email or HTTPS has been cracked since the 90′s get with it guys this is old news.
    (think SSLEASY)
    Who do you think contributes TONS of free software and portions of LINUX? immmmm… GOOGLE….
    why? because there are backdoors there too….
    You CAN NOT GET AWAY FROM THE NSA and still be connected.
    get with the program you neophytes…. you little kiddies… I was doing encryption before PGP was a dream….
    Who do you think RUNS THE GAME? the NSA you idiots…. the only way not to loose is NOT TO PLAY.

    • Anonymous says:

      So what you are saying is the n s a selectively turns the head when it comes to constuents and actively pursues the completion in the criminal world under the veil the n s a cares? I know what it is to be human as a behaviorial expert. If I create a draw and get the n s a to follow and we end up at one of their constituent’s residences then their looking at me as the criminal. Well wonderful. I thank my maker everyday that not only is this unruly childish on childish behavior is temporary but even more so the partakers cannot see or even fathom what’s coming from their {man who is fallible represents justice when justice falls not short of itself} state of tailspin being. Remember this: why I sense a spy to which I may not spy with my little eye but cannot elude the eye of my big eye that spies the spy. How does your garden grow?

    • who? says:

      If nothing else, If one encrypts and uses masking and obfuscation, that person (or persons) is making the “intelligence” services earn their keep.
      Even innocent interactions which are encrypted will require more resources then unencrypted – So encrypt everything you can and maybe Big Brother will break!

  • John Doe says:

    Hi everyone,

    I don’t get it…

    It we are trying to get privacy and safety from the likes of the NSA, CIA, FBI, MI6, because wanting good old plain privacy isn’t a crime why would these types of services be consistantly offered that are based and operated within the US or UK and its signatory (allies) countries? That’s like trusting the theives with ones safe of gold. It won’t be too hard for them to gain access to it sooner or later whist it’s in their custody.

    Wouldn’t one feel much safer to have all these services offered and based in countries that are naturally neutral or better still mildly opposed to them so they won’t be so easily bullied into submission, I would be.

    Of course honey pots can be setup anywhere by anyone, but its just another layer of difficulty they’d have to navigate which is to all freedom loving netizens favor.

    Not too mention as equally crucial all the hardware devices and software that are manufactured in / from or by US companies would need to be reconsidered also to minimise exposure to back doors in them.

    If one wants to speak adversley of China about freedoms, one would naturally use a set of US devices, and if one wants to speak adversely of US rapidly growing lack of freedoms, one might is a set of NON US devices.

    Thoughts anyone.

  • Ryan says:

    Keep in mind that Cricket was just bought out by AT&T so that may not be the most feasible option any longer. Source:

    • Thanks–I hadn’t seen that, and it will definitely change things…unfortunately, probably for the worst when it comes to privacy.

    • DoktorThomas™ says:

      AT&T has not been a viable nor reliable company since progressive socialist liberals in the broke it up, before most of you were born. Now it is owned by a bunch of a$$e$ from Texas. There is no reason on earth to do any business with this company for any reason. Period. None. Nada. The name is a lie, for starters. This is the infamous Southern Bell who bought the rights to “AT&T” because they needed to hide their checkered past. From there it is all down hill. They are in bed with NSA, CSA, HS, CIA, FBI and twenty-six other spy agencies that by law you cannot even know that they exist. (Please go to the nearest Federal building and turn yourself in.) “Big money for selling you out.” That is it in a nut shell. So when AT&T comes a knockin’ tell ‘em to stick where the sun doesn’t shine. (Note: These are nicest things one can say about them.) If you know anyone who works for IT&T, promptly shun them. ©2014 All rights reserved. This is opinion and not legal, accounting, tax, financial or other professional advice. Res ipsa loquitor, Experientia docet. Statutory exemptions specifically revoked by author. Protected by Federal law and international treaty.

  • John says:

    Also there is BitMessage (

    The Macintosh version is here:

  • dennis says:

    Too bad works very closely with the FBI and also allows them rent free office space since ’98 or ’99 which they are still using today. They also love to use a shell at

  • First they came for the communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

    Then they came for the socialists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for me,
    and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    - Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)

  • Jeff Fann says:

    It’s very simple, as a USA citizen your allegiance is to the Constitution of the United States.

    • who? says:

      The constitution was conceived and written in a time when data security, automatic assault rifles and even CARS didn’t exist.
      It WAS a grand concept, but is unfortunately is verging on extinction.
      This website and conversation bear witness to this.

      Long Live honesty and goodwill to all.(nothing to do with Christmas and Thanksgiving!)

  • Axel Grackel says:

    Omelette/breaking eggs…

  • nunyabzwx says:

    @Holly Kang: You can bet your sweet bippee that you got their attention and you probably STILL have it.

    just sayin’

  • rick bzowy says:

    any update on MaskMe ??

  • jo 007 says:

    the attached website is aimed to stop NSA
    even the best programmer cant find out how this can be circumvented

  • Bill says:

    Is there a version of MaskMe for either the iOS or Android?

  • Bill Babis says:

    You cannot be private. It is a game you won’t win though plenty of people will get your money trying. Myself, I don’t care what the NSA knows or doesn’t know about me. If they learn one thing, it should be that they need to be very afraid of me and millions of others. Enough said.

    • Thorben Kaufmann says:

      What do you think they are? God-like or kind of religion? Or are they kind of a cuple of Hitlers, Stalins, somewhat..?
      If everybody would give up individual right you will earn one single thing:
      And that is what is smashing your loveliest dreams. If you feel comfortable with enough TV, sports burgers and stuff – OK. Sleep well, give away your mind and do the robot-job. But then mankind is not worth more than robots are.
      There’s a word in germany:”Wer sich nicht bewegt, der spürt auch seine Fesseln nicht.”
      what means: “If you don’t move you will not realize your leg irons.”

  • Matt says:

    I love it, most inspiring thing I’ve read here, and without a doubt begs the question, “when is enough, enough?” How many freedoms and rights are you willing to be stripped away before you speak up or take action. It is sad to think that some dont believe privacy isn’t something to be upset about losing unless you have something to hide. Personally, I believe that my privacy is part of my personal space and should remain personal. What happens when the government feels that for your safety criminals or felons should be fitted with tracers of some kind. Then before to long it will be that for your safety and convinence everyone should be fitted with tracers. Invasion of privacy is only the beginning, and for those of you who feel that you have nothing to hide, the government are not the only ones who can gain access to your personal information. I don’t see how anybody could be comfortable with the idea of someone, whom they have never met, being interested in having there personal information, to do whatever they please with it.

    So I ask again, “when is enough, enough?”

  • Daniel F says:

    Your kidding me. Chrome?

  • Daniel F says:

    What do people think of

  • Tip of proxy says:

    Yeah, or you can use some kind of anonymous proxy. I use:

    U tell me.

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  • Mark says:

    Just use the Breadcrumbs concept:

  • Lori says:

    Facebook was meant to stay connected to friends, family and acquaintences. Possibly the new version of letter writing or note giving online. What is important to me is the individual has to like the individual or “they” don’t get to comment on what “you” posted. I believe someone crossed the line after being offended. When one man or women makes a situation bad, why is everyone in trouble. This sounds like all or nothing from school days!

  • RebootIntoGnu/Linux says:

    Facebook,g+,twitter buttons folow users habits…so every site that has those stupid thingies permits Facebook & others to track you..IP and more
    All of this is an absolute scandal..the only solutions are Vpn,private secure paid mail,encryption,I2p,Tor.proxies can log you and sell to 3rd parties…i
    Frankly all those Facebook user are real dummies for me..they are so damn ignorant it show how nonsensical this world has become=(

  • uradumb says:


  • Hugh Dunn Gouged says:

    NEW WORLD ORDER the RFID is Next… don’t be SHEEP. WAKE UP!

  • Alfred says:

    Did you type fuck you google into the google search bar?

  • arcadia11 says:

    i just did, thank you, and this is what i found:


  • That guy says:

    I tried TOR and found it slow and clunky. I also got a taste of the deep web. I’m scared to go outside now.

  • MIKE PUCKETT says:



  • NopartoftheWorld says:

    Technology has raced ahead faster than common-sense, as well as faster than human “evolution” (for want of a better word) and human compassion.
    2.3-5% of US inmates are found innocent…does this mean there should be no jails?
    I agree that information is misused, and that there are breaches by certain ones, or organisations, yet at the same time, what do you expect? This is the “world” that everyone wants….(obvious generalisation). It’s just being exploited by the same methods that many individuals will use for their own reasons.

    Regardless of the information being scraped from my computer, this is where we are in technology…the same as the rail systems, the road systems, etc…we are reaching a gridlock. I watched a fast-motion video of people going to work, and it showed the pedestrians and push-bikes going faster than the traffic for a HUGE amount of time. So who is going to give up their daily comforts, or are we going to “protect” in the words of a famous recent person “our standard of living”?

    This is where we are going with the net…for every advance, there is a filter to disperse it into a manageable amount (in some “expert’s” opinion), so the faster it goes will be balanced with a “governer”.

    Pretty soon, I can see happily the day when I will use my computer to fill my bin, and even my phone to throw at things. I really don’t think it is that far away. Days, weeks, months, or I guess I have to say years, although not that many.

    This is only ONE of thousands, if not millions, of problems with today’s societies, and all the differing opinions, yet no realistic solutions. There is an answer, but most mock it…and you’ll know it when they knock on your door.

    Best regards and wishes.

  • Anonymous says:

    Edward Snowden is a hero and has violated no oath. It is not a crime to report a crime.

    This CT dude is an NSA shill.

  • As an advocate for Internet privacy, I created an infographic, found here:, that quantifies the amount of data the NSA looks at daily in more relatable terms. Check it out!!

  • A person weblog is actually eye-catching. We delight in this. Many thanks with regard to discussing this particular stunning written piece beside me.

  • who? says:

    Gruntled… You’re HAPPY with the situation?

    And soemone get rid of CRAPcha!

  • Zoe Kaitlyn says:

    Spy cell phone tracker Movement of the phone is tracked in Real time which means that as the phone moves

    the pointer on the map will move as well. You will see the movement of the phone every step of the way. Lag time of actual movement displayed on the map

  • saw it from way off... says:

    Well i do believe we can try and achieve a level of privacy for our selvs, in saying that this is a mine field.:for a start we will call the fuckers by the title of ‘THEY’ any app/ engine we get the better of will be short lived they are quick to update and /replace all the tools we use and as they do we lose or have less control over our veil of privacy until we counter there move with our next new play, and then of course they would have allready have developed a counter to our ongoing efforts in the form of a wolf in a sheeps image and we have to had sensed something in the game of tic-tac-toe they would want to cheat rather than lose a chunk of their OR SHOULD I SAY YOUR INFORMATION not stand up enough THEY wont risk going punch for punch with us over our own info,. they will fuck us up with all the money and dodgy smarts they can launch at all of us and so it will go on on and on .bit of a worry! i love the quote above by -MARTIN NIEMOLLER [1892-1984] – REGARDS munch

  • soultana says:

    When apply for work never give your mothers maiden name, full SS #, ID, and email. when applying for email use fake name.
    All American major corporations including the government are using foreingners from India, Mexico, Philipines and other third world countries to answer the phones. When they ask you for your information, your information is sold to scamers and there goes your ID theft.
    At&T,, Experian, and many, many more corporations have hired international companies to work for them in answering their customer calls.
    When you receive a call from Indians demanding credit card money, you know well who provided your information to them. THE USA CORPORATION SOLD OUR INFORMATION TO SCAMERS! THEY THINK GLOBAL SLAVERY, WE SHOULD THINK NO COMPLIANCE WITH THEM.

  • totally mowed over says:

    have been dealing with discruntaled gov . and several out to get me individuals that have totally dehumanized me through massive data collection with soo many different app’s and angles.These App’s have been distributed from developers .First through corporate intitys employees and higher levels AT&T was one of the first to totally cyberstalk and harassed me. Everywhere I went AT-T was there with there meta data apps tracking me .over and over . when I would get on my computer I would see this information in code source being downloaded through my computer. I live out in the country and didn’t even have internet assess but there AT T POS network was running my computer . talk about pissed off .found out they were at the end of our private drive downloading meta data and who knows what else on my computer.Oh this is just the beginning of my torment . This went on for months with them . next UE cyberstalkers just like AT&T for months . Then Charter Cable .Then direct TV. They would be in every public place I would go and every building .home or anywhere that they could drive by or up to. At my work I would watch this same girl every day go to this empty parking lot next to my works parking lot and be on her smartphone for about 15 min then leave . then I noticed my computer had some Bluetooth access from her cell phone. On it needless to say they ended up all in my work computer and e mail and I would see data running through it that o couldn’t open you would need the app they distributed to see info and of course I couldn’t get it . Then I noticed that any Jo Shmo was following me and cyberstalking me , they would even be waiting for me on the shoulders of hyways and parking lot . Everywhere . Then I noticed my computer at home running data by itself with me not having internet access and no close neighbors . Then I was hearing vehicles at end of driveway and then data through my computer . Then I realized they are down loading data they are collecting from inside home via code sensors. Realizing I am being targeted because of so many other things going on around me and noticing my home was intruded while away . I was really trying not to freak out at times I wanted to shove the stalkers cell phone where the sun don’t shine . and being a divorced mother Was very frightened at times . and after having this done and other torterous things done to me non stop for several years made me a bit parinoid when I would see someone walk up near me and get on there cell phone .I often felt like grabbing it so I could get this friekin app . so I could get to the bottom of this . I notice on my personal lap top that my work e mail would come up on Microsoft live and i couldnt log im it with my mormal password and We had changed companys so e mail had changed and I could mo longer access it from work either .Got into work one day and was called by personell to come up to the city to see there counselor emediatlIY .Im like What the hell is going on . well counselor said I sent 2 e mails to the department of justice saying somthing about murder . I was so shaken up at that point because this eail had my full name address and phone number on it but it was sent 2 days before from my old e mail address I couldnt even access anymore . I told her my laptop was hacked and she started accusing me of sending them and I was like in did belief she was even going there cause I hadn’t been able to access that e mail for 2 years . long story short ended up getting rail roared by this counselor who worked for the same hospital I did and she wouldnt even try to go to our main terminal to check to see if they were there . Lost my job in a lay off of 160 people . Right . huge set up . . There’s a lot more to my story but I wanted to keep it to the internet data gathering.. OK I was leaving a recorder on in my home on Sundays while at church . and couldn’t believe I would here a man and women come in and talking between them . it was hard to make out . then was seeing different networks in my computer . android open source and regular open source. And 3 to 4 times as many people stalking me with cell phones and I was seeing impersonations and one group said they wouldn’t do impersonations Omg totally skrewd and frieked and broke . took the networks to the county police so they could give it to internet task force because it had to ho local before they would take it . well got a phone call a week later saying I could come get my computer they didn’t find anyone hacked into it . That wasn’t even an option a 2 year old would be able to tell this hack job and networks in my computer . I said U R Kidding me right . they were totally serious come get it. Got it home turned it on and it was erased . OMG !!! I was livid . Good thing I put it on USB . . Well weeks went by and I am seeing more people stslking me then not . I would just close my eyes when I went to town. Before I new it Everybody in the county had the app but me . Really this has got to be a joke literally everyone in the county was cyberdtslking me. Well I am just s good ole country girl what the hell is everyone getting out of this . They would swerve on the roads and try to hit me like all the time trying to freak me out and hand signal me different things and indangering my life . the day my daughter was with and they tried to run me off the rosd and almost wrecked is the day I lost it chased the bitch down and got out the car yelling at her . freaked her out . lol.that’s just bull shit don’t even mess with me and my kid like that devil people. Well total community stalking amougnst outher. torturous acts and of course running data through my cell cause I wouldn’t use my computer. Seen my phone working all on its own one day at Walmart I wrote the web addresses I was seeing down ended up getting on there project page and I was only able to read but that was enough omg the DEA. FBI . DHS and now the NSA are gathering up all of this bullshit impersinations data from my old boyfriend computer . other peoples computers that I Knew ..They also got onto this really old computer we had gotten from my uncle and took all of its data and I had only used it one time to type a resume I noticed someone put a quick time on there just 2 days before of the Hilton girl mood photos and other crude things . What in the hell have these evil lie in data erasing criminals we call “security” what a pathetic cowardice. Excuse of a government do we have here and what the hell are the cowards picking on women and children like this . on this wen page it told every lowsey cowardly thing they did to me . I was at a friend of a friends house using there computer and didn’t get to print it . and the next day they fried that computer . there is so many more things to my story and I have never put it out there for others to see but. if Snowden hadn’t left like he did he would be experiancing the same bullshit a I am . and I’m not a whistelblower just pissed a fed off . and really It was there fault what happen so i feel I was targeted before I even knew who he was . I have lived under a digital blanket of lies and made up shit now the NSA is getting the community project date . what’s next ! Hate to think ! If our own government can’t follow the laws and have to do criminal acts on people erase there data and leave me with a pleathery of crap that of nothing data set up as to be mine and all the times they terorised me to make me look crazy . scaring the shit out of me day in and out so I would come up yelling looking angry ” which I am never like that ” I have always been an honest loving caring person. Not perfect by no means but I believe in laws and good government . But when your rights have been stripped by money loving corperations Who don’t give a shit about who they damage or torture and they are getting payed to do it . then you got your cowdly fed who had to pick on and abuse women over and over in secret .Then throw in a whole community of know nothings that think I am a crazed lunitic oh and the neiborhood of the plug and play monitors that will automatcly turn on when I downing a fifth and drinking myself into coma “and I am not a drinker” and hoping when I wake that the last 6 years was just a nightmare and our government wasn’t selling us out.and using our hard earned taxes we worked for and gave them to commit criminal and civil violations against us . I Want My Money Back !! If you have read this I assure you I am telling you the truth so many people are in the dark about what is really going on cause if they can do this to me they can do it to anyone especially since they used there phones to gather data to send to them ._They got your name and number now You could be there next victim . pretty slick of them huh . !, I’m sure I will suffer the consiqiensis for sharing the truth with you all but I am tired of wondering what they have planned for me next . God said one thing to me and he said Speek . !!!!!!!! And they have forced me too !


  • ROB says:

    You list Cricket wireless what make you think they do not collect data ? or that they would not release informatino to a government angency.

  • Free us says:

    I agree with Totally Mowed Over. I am going thru the same thing. I am a woman in my 50′s and have AT&T as my provider. I am targeted and my cell phone, computer, and emails are all hacked. I have lost my job. I have been followed by tons of Gangstalkers ( Perps) they all drive black, white or silver cars and have their lights on. They go by my house all the time when I go outside. They enter my home when i’m not there. All the homes that were for sale are all bought up by new people from other states in my neighborhood. I am subjected to electronic harassment directed energy weapons, electromagnetic radiation, weapons that heat up your insides and other weapons from these demonic people and from the neighbors. The neighbors have been told things about me that make them hate me that are not true. Every day 24/7 there are planes and jets that fly over my house and everywhere I go there are jets flying over me. There are loud planes that fly over my home that you hear the engine then all of a sudden it stops, it will hover over my house. When I try to use my cell phone they somehow make my service go to no service or drop the call. I go thru torture everyday. What a horrible world this has become. They are spending tons of money on this illegal act. It’s so sad all the men and women that gave their lives for our freedom is being taken away before our very eyes. This is going on all over the United States. So sad that those people do not have a life of their own they have to interfere with ours. So so sad. God Bless all the targeted US Citizens that have not done anything to deserve this. God Bless you Totally Mowed Over.

  • patrick * says:

    i hate internet surveillance and I hate people who take selfie photos of me without asking first they do it with iPods invasion of my privacy I hate drones spying on me I hate sat-a-lights why are people so dam nosy in the future I dunno it is what it is I salute Edward snowden thanks for telling truth about u-sah usa America spying Internet surveillance Like walking at night camera can’t record in dark well

  • Teresa says:

    Most things I check out are questions like when someone try tries pull one over on me.

  • Teresa says:

    Post help incase someone might might need it.

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