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  • mohammed elamine zita says:

    because i would to surf with All the rest and when I heard that there’s some people traking me and Collecting my personal infos without telling me I was very angry and i started looking for something protector and i found DoNotTrackMe i used it than i get this message “Congratulations! You’ve earned a 3rd Platinum medal! and bloked 73000 company traking you” i was shocked from these numbers and i got gold medals and bronze medals..
    thanks so much DoNotTrackMe for protect my informations for free

  • John J. Sokolowski says:

    I got kind of tired seeing everything I had already purchased online being advertized to me on many other sites, for weeks on end. Like why do I care after I already purchesed the item(s). Perhaps the trackers should keep track to see if the item(s) had been purchased or not and then aim other ads at me, where someone has a chance of actually making some money. Of course not; that would make what they are attempting to do actually work. I sometimes think they are only out to annoy people.

    Anyway; I have been testing DNTMe and it appears to be working just fine. I find it very easy to set up and operate. It has not had any effect on my browser speed and a surprising plus is that I no longer see ads on my Facebook page. I know that this program isn’t made to do that, but for some reason it’s happening since I installed it and I’m ok with it.

    I see that the ad for the program uses CNET as one of it’s references. CNET is known as being seedy in my circle of friends, because when you go there to download anything the entire page is nearly covered with criptically described DOWNLOAD buttons, which are for all kinds of junkware. It’s not made very clear which button is for downloading what you went there for so we just avoid anything by CNET.

    The only thing I would like to see different about the DNTMe program is to allow it to be unlocked from the top right hand corner of the screen so I can move it to a more convenient area or onto my second monitor.

    A portable version of this program would come in handy too. That way I could use it on a friend’s computer (if they don’t want it installed on theirs) and not leave a trail of ads of things I was interested in for them to have to be pestered by after I’m done.

    Good Job Abine!

  • D. Johnson says:

    This was the best thing that has happened to me since I first installed DoNotTrackMe. The pop-up blocker was just not doing enough of blocking everything that I do! The fist thing that I noticed that I didn’thave as many advertisements on every single page that I’d check out!

    Then all of a sudden the amount of the advertisements was literally cut down to half, or even next to nothing! I was so much happier that I no longer have to see everything that I buy or even look into purchasing. This has been a big relief off of my shoulders!!!!

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  • Dan says:

    Revolutionary Rated 5 out of 5 stars!
    Two of the best– if not the best add ons I have ever used while on the net! Absolutely the best for privacy. I used NoScript for years blocking unwanted tracking, but not needed now and no more having to choose what, or not to be allowed. Don’t forget about MaskMe. You people have the nak for coding Great stuff!
    Thank you Abine!

  • E. ABEL says:

    DNTM, fonctionne très bien contre le tracking j’utilise également AdBlock pour les publicités… Merci DNTM je vous conseil déja autour de moi a tout mes amis… A+

  • J. Delgado says:

    Wonderful product! It has been truly amazing (and quite disturbing) to see just how many sites are watching your every move…

    Thanks for offering such a great service!

  • don sest says:

    nice day with me!

  • juan jose says:

    muy buen programa me ha sido muy util. se les agradece

  • Nagraj says:

    nice its the best…….

  • R L Stevens says:

    all i can say is that i am Impressed alllrerady!!!!!!!

  • R L Stevens says:

    right the fuck on!!!!!!!

  • Luke says:

    Great app. Your online security is very important and this protects you.

  • C. McPheeters says:

    I find it a bit hard to use. Not impressed & glad that I haven’t paid for it. Seriously considering disabling it for all the challenges it presents.

  • A.C. ( Guncluber ) says:

    Abine! You guys’ have done an outstanding benefit to computer security, not only am I using the DNT, program ,but I also am using the Privacy suite, which is totally awesome, because it puts total control into the hands of the user. Thanks for the programs guys’ keep up the good fight!

    • Sarah Downey says:

      Thank you! If you’re using PrivacySuite, you should try MaskMe: it’s still in beta, but it’s like a super-improved, much more user-friendly version of PrivacySuite. Plus you can export all your PrivacySuite data into MaskMe. You can get MaskMe at In MaskMe (for Firefox only), go under ‘Settings’ and scroll down. You’ll see an option to import your data from Privacy Suite. Just follow the steps on screen 🙂

  • Roy Nu says:

    I’ve been using this for a year or so, it works on most other website, but not the big ones like Amazon, but then they pay ‘blur’ to help in the development of their product, as to limit out the competition, or so it seems to us simple folk users.

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