Same Abine, new look

new_abine_homepageWe’ve been hard at work rebuilding and we’re excited to finally get to show you the finished product. We’re the same people bringing you the same online privacy protections you count on us for, just with a little facelift.

We wanted to bring the look and feel of the company in line with our message of bringing easy-to-use, effective online privacy tools to everyone using the web, and we hope we’ve done that. Special thanks and a shoutout to Holland-Mark for their amazing work. Let us know what you think!

Here’s what’s new:

The logo

Abine was the product of 3 guys and a dog in a 1-room office above a bar in Cambridge. There was a lot going on when they founded the company, including naming it and coming up with a logo. That logo was the red and blue one you’ve seen up until today. Although we’ll always have a special place in our hearts and on our printed coffee mugs for the old logo, the font and the red and blue color scheme looked a bit more like it belonged in the aviation industry or something than with consumers’ online privacy.

It had a good run, but we’re retiring it for this new one:

logo_comparison_without_taglinesWe like it because it feels friendly, which fits with us, and the bracket around the “i” emphasizes how you pronounce our name: (it rhymes with “online”). Because we made up the word “Abine,” we get a lot of–understandable–mispronunciations. Albine, Alpine, uh-bean…you name it; we’ve heard it.

abine_pronunciationThe tagline

We’re still the online privacy company, but our new tagline is “online privacy starts here.” We wanted the focus less on the type of company we are and more on what we allow web users to do to protect their privacy.


We provide the guidance, tools, and services to help people navigate the complex world of online privacy and ensure that their private data is never used against them. There’s a path to more privacy: we know the way, and we can guide you on it.

Whether you want to take a little action or a lot, online privacy starts here.

This image, which uses our new purple and green colors, explains how DeleteMe works.

This image, which uses our new purple and green colors, explains how DeleteMe works.

The color scheme

We just…like purple and green. Plus the old red and blue felt more pro-government than pro-consumer.

The website design

Our focus in redesigning the website was making things clean, understandable, and to the point, taking out any pages, words, or other content that wasn’t necessary. If you have a question, you should be able to find the answer in our FAQs without looking too hard. If you want to get in touch with us, it should be easy to find our contact info. If you want to download DoNotTrackMe, it should be simple.


A screenshot from our redesigned customer support page.

And–of course–we wanted it to be prettier.

Consistent product names and styles

Our new product icons fit with the overall Abine logo and make up our “Me” suite of products (DoNotTrackMe, DeleteMe and MaskeMe (beta)). We thought it made sense to link our privacy tools in a clear way using their names. Plus the icons work well in browser windows, which is where DNTMe and MaskMe live.


So what do you think? Is the “after” better than the “before?”

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  • Lynne Pariseau says:

    looks great and I appreciate the Do Not Track Me app!

  • cbpfromtn says:

    Looks great to me! Love all of your products, thank you!

  • marco says:

    abine se apuesto ad hoc con la interface metro de window 8 muy bien!! me gusta

  • DrBOP says:

    Pretty spiffy boys, but I was seriously hopin’ for some HOT ROD FLAMES someplace in the redesign :+)

    But seriously folks, I’m gobsmacked at how well (and informatively) your DoNotTrackMe works. It has actually also cut some other crap from dowloading AND quickened the downloading time for MANY other sites. Thanks so VERY much!

    Whatever you guys were importing from the bar downstairs in Cambridge served you well!
    Keep on chooglin’! See ‘ya!

    • Sarah Downey says:

      You mean boys AND girls, I hope (says the girl who’s writing this) :) Yeah, we threw out the hot rod flame-based design about a month ago. Too biker chic ;) Thanks so much for using–and loving–DNTMe. And what we were importing from the bar downstairs was sometimes beers, but mostly half-off burgers every Tuesday.

  • Chris411 says:

    I’m grateful that this company have gone to such lengths to help home users and commercial users with this Net Tool. They have shown to taken on-board ideas and services quiet well. If you have feedback on things then get in touch with them and work through some solutions – or ideas for future releases with the team. Thanks for the e-letters – which i now post to FB to advise friends. Keep up the good work and the rewards will be there. Cheers from NZ.

  • barry says:

    Your website redesign has that wonderful Abine tongue in cheek humor that previous site designs did. but i’ve not forgotten your products: in particular, DoNotTrackMe rocks. its stunning to me how well it works, as long as i keep my hands of the settings, which are as minimalistic as an andy warhol painting. its a wonderful app/add-on that allows me a deep breath when i’m site a ^5 to you all, a ^paw to your dog, and a huge thanks for delivering an important punch @ on-line privacy. Abine is one of very few net names i trust implicitly.TY!

    • Sarah Downey says:

      Aww, that means so much to us! Seriously. That’s great to hear. So glad you like the site and our products. I’ll share your compliments with the rest of the team and give a high-five (paw) to Rocko.

  • Love it, Thank you for your kind considerations and privacy.

  • Chuckles says:

    DNT like those before me said, is a fabulous product and tool. I agree, it seems sites load much faster without the tacking hassles/feedback to unknown “sites” and advertisers.

    Thanks a bunch to you and the guys and Rocko for the effort. Look forward to using Mask Me which I just d/l’d.

  • bruce d steinberg says:

    Great Idea guys one thing or maybe a few more. I do not see how to control what gets blocked. If I do not like the name right media tracking me if for no other reason. The name alone raises one big eyebrow of a Nazi loving Russian. I might be a old fart I stink less now I do think some info. I whiz back to the first days of AOL with a whopping one whole gig hard drive and a 32mbs Dial up modem. A Norton program I believe had this great novel graphics showing all the different IP’s pinging my computer and a world map of all the locations. If that wasnot enough a way to get a physical address.

  • Patrick De Meyer says:

    1855 did you block the way in !
    Thank you very, very much !

  • Professor Wolford says:

    These products work so well, (to accomplish the level of privacy all of us must have by Constitutional right) that I would use it cheerfully if Richard Nixon’s face were the logo.
    When you get enough goodies in one pile, as you are doing, please make a multi-computer user (I have four at home, more at work) package available and I’ll shell out to buy it all. Things I’d like to see seriously secured: 1) fast, easy setup, VoIP, 2) rapidly/frequently updated nasty killers, 3) Very fast proxy like Anonomyx, 4) be bold, write a secure OS or work with Linux for those of us who rebel at ‘syntax error,’ I have yet to be able to set up Linux, much less use it, 5) cooperate with such folks as (United We Stand) — let’s all put our shoulder to the wheel.
    More is on my mind, such as major encouragement for all of you; let this suffice for today.

  • Gaston PHEBUS says:

    Ne peut on avoir cette page en FRANCAIS ????

  • Therrito says:

    Keep up the good work.
    I look forward to DeleteMe to come out.

  • bluemlein says:

    Something has changed, that’s certain. I notice that in the box indicating the number of companies tracking me it is now much more likely to say “0″, and yet these companies are still listed in the permissions section – doubleclick, google analytics, optimizely and so on. what is going on?


  • olivert says:

    Are you guys friends of the EFF? If not you really should be. IT will give u greater exposure.

    • Sarah Downey says:

      I (Sarah) am a card-carrying EFF member and I’ve been to a few of their events, but we don’t have any kind of formal partnership. I agree it would be awesome. They do great work.

  • Cindy Richardson says:

    You Guys, Girl and Rocco too….ROCK!!! I “LOVE” You, your “NEW” Logo, ALL you have done and are doing to help us BLOCK the Nosy Trackers!! A HUGE Thank You to ALL of you….Keep up the GREAT Work!!

  • Jorge says:

    ThankYou !!!

    If Any Person Company or whatever is Tracking You Anyway They are Affecting Your Life and not Respecting YOU !!!

  • Rob says:

    Great site. Now, if you REALLY REALLY REALLY want internet privacy then go here and install…

    Yes, I know it says government surveillance in the URL, but, if you live in the USA or China, the government IS surveilling you both online and off. Its sad that today we live in one nation, under surveillance, with nothing at all.

  • Luke says:

    I love using your extensions, they give me an added sense of security so thanks for your good work!

    By the way just noticed some typos in the sentence with the link to the Chrome Web Store for “MaskMe”.

    You’re welcome :-P.

  • Lawrence Rudisill, III says:

    I use your DONOTTRACKME app. However, when I go to, it doesn’t say it blocks anything. It just says that google tracks across the web. When I go to google, is it blocking anything google uses to track me?
    Thanks for your response.

    • Sarah Downey says:

      DNTMe blocks Google’s trackers on *other* sites, but can’t do anything about Google tracking *on* Google. That’s why the DNTMe icon turns orange there: it serves as a warning to alert you about sites that track you, not trackers. Even if you can’t see any tracking companies in the alert window, you should still surf with caution as some sites collect your information for themselves, not through trackers. The orange icon is most typically seen on social networking sites like Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Green means the site is safe or that you’re blocking all the trackers we found.

      Google makes 90% of its money from advertising, and they make it complicated for you to use their services in a way that interrupts their ability to collect your personal information. Using Google is basically agreeing to be tracked. Although we can stop them from tracking you OFF of Google (i.e., +1 buttons on other non-Google sites), there’s nothing that DNTMe–or anyone else–can do about them ON Google sites. Anything you voluntarily post, such as photos, comments, interests, your location, etc., is used for tracking purposes.

      Our best advice is to set strict privacy settings, limit what you share, and avoid games & apps (they are marketing companies in disguise). Google’s services aren’t truly service; they’re paid for by their users’ information. Again, that’s why the DNTMe icon turns yellow on Google: even if you can’t see any tracking companies in the alert window, you should surf with caution.

  • WAY WAY easier to UNDERSTAND & USE !!!…GREAT JOB !!!!!!…

  • struhar000 says:

    I must admit I was skepticle about this turning out to be the enemy (Privacy stealers) but when I clear my cache now , there is much less to delete.Less spam too.It would be nice if there was a IE 9 set-up link .I just used IE8 for now.I hope it still gives the same results though I am using IE9.
    Now, is it cool for an oldie like me who is very married to say that “Lady Sarah Downey” is a cool chick? Ah the heck with it ,I will anyway.and Thanks to the guys as well.
    Best wishes to you all!

  • struhar000 says:

    I dont have a website yet.I just signed up with Time Warner Cable for the internet and had to re-install Windows 7 home premium and I am now replacing my 3rd party links and setting up my mail.If it was my real first name that got me rejected ,I used my true last name in the username and thought adding my first with someone I don’t know well yet could be risky. That username seems to work ok everywhere else.I even gave you my main e-mail address.You can’t be too paranoid these days.It is not like 1991 when I started doing this. We didn’t even use anti -vi back then.Dos 2.0 and lotus 123 and that was all. I guess if you don’t post it ,at least maybe the message got through to all parties concerned.That’s the most important thing.
    Best wishes!

  • gparyani says:

    Wow…I see THREE different layouts on the website…this one, this one, and this one.

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