How secure is my password: the ultimate litmus test

how secure is my passwordHere at Abine, keeping your personal privacy protected is our utmost goal, which is we we post often about password security and what you can do to create secure passwords.

Sometimes you’re limited either by number of characters or by types of characters that you can use. Creating secure passwords within a restricted password field can be tough, but we can show you how secure your password is by reviewing some simple tips, techniques, and tools you can employ in the password creation process.

What does it mean to have a strong password, and how can I create one?

The more unique, random, and memorable that you can make your password, the better. Entropy, the measure of randomness, can help you decipher whether your combination of letters, numbers, and symbols has enough randomness to be a strong password. As the diagram above shows, using common words makes weak passwords.

Any words that you can find in the dictionary, and any repetition of those words, decreases entropy and makes a password hack far more likely. Also, using the same password on multiple websites puts all of your online accounts at risk. Use as many letters, numbers, and symbols as possible within the website’s limits, and remember to change your password from website to website for optimal password strength.

Where can I test the strength of my password?

There are many free tools online that can assist you in testing the strength of your password. Here are a couple in which you can enter your password to see how long it would take a potential hacker to crack it and gain access to your private information:

These tools can also tell you whether your letter, number, and symbol combinations have adequate entropy.

Are there programs available to help me create and store strong passwords?

There are numerous tools online that can help you formulate a strong password. Our newest product MaskMe can help you create and store high-entropy, secure passwords that you can sync across your computer and mobile device. MaskMe not only creates strong passwords, but it also lets you securely store and modify them in an easy-to-use interface.

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