EU regulators unhappy with Google’s inaction on its new privacy policy

googleEuropean regulators may take action against Google regarding the company’s March 2012 privacy policy changes. Google consolidated their policy, combining 60 separate documents into one agreement that spans across all of their products, including YouTube, Gmail, Google+, and their Android smartphone.

Google says the consolidation is meant to improve the user experience as well as better target ads across all Google products. However, European regulators voiced concerns that this change would prove “high risk” to users’ privacy and that the consolidated policy did not comply with EU law. Last October, Google was given four months to change their policy. In total, 12 recommendations were compiled in a letter that was signed by 24 of 27 EU regulators.

Despite the four months Google has had to alter its policy, the company hasn’t taken any action. Now, CNIL, a French watchdog group, stated that Google’s inaction is unacceptable. They want Google to answer their questions, not avoid them. Specifically, they want more info about how Google uses consumers’ personal data, disclose how long it retains user data, and make it easier for people to opt out of having Google use their information for advertising.

CNIL can fine Google up to $388,000 for multiple privacy violations. But to Google, that amount of money is an afterthought. The FTC levied the largest fine in their history against Google for $22.5 million, an amount that Google makes every five minutes.

A Google spokesman said, “Our privacy policy respects European law and allows us to create simpler, more effective services. We have engaged fully with the [EU] throughout this process, and we’ll continue to do so going forward.”

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  • I have another email address and it is
    It seems that so MANY websites are simply just following me and it is getting sickening. I keep having to delete or block them…yet they KEEP on getting through. Can you send me even more info as to keep them at bay?
    I am tired of people who get my info and tell others about me….and the only way they could have got it was through Google and other sites also. Where is the Privacy???
    Sincerely and Thanks….

  • NJ Pflugradt says:

    Over the past few days, my Google email will not send messages; I get notes that read “you must send this email to your inbox before it can be sent” and recipients do not receive photographs or any other attachments. What is going on with gmail?????

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