Privacy boost! DNTMe now blocks 10 more trackers


One of the new trackers we’re blocking, MaxPoint Interactive, lets potential advertisers buy the individuals they want to track and target at

Advertisers and trackers are always coming up with new ways to follow you online, and we stay on top of them. We just added 10 new trackers to DNTMe’s block list:

We’re always updating DNTMe to block new trackers. This time we added 10; last time we added 28; and we’ll keep going.

These updates are free, automatic, and designed to keep you safer and more private online. They happen whenever we add trackers to our list of things to block, and you don’t have to do a thing.

Enjoy your improved online privacy, and thanks for using DNTMe!

3 comments shared on this article:

  • Hamdi Masykur says:

    every updates privacy news always important

  • John T. Webb says:

    What is “Coupon Companion Plugin”? I find more and more words highlighted with links and popups in various pages opening, including, for instance, “Cognitive Match,” linked from this “Privacy Boost” page. Rather annoying.

  • John T. Webb says:

    And now there’s one in Hamdi Masykur’s comment above on the word “news” for a credit score reporting site.

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