Fighting CISPA, one domain name transfer at a time

namecheap anti cispaAbine strives to be a beacon for privacy in an otherwise invasive sea of tracking. We try quite hard to make sure that our products reflect our values. One thing that we don’t have as much control over, however, is ensuring that the companies that we partner with also are aligned with these values.

Today, we moved our core domains (,,, and from GoDaddy to NameCheap.

Why were we ever partnered with GoDaddy? Mostly historical reasons. We registered these domains long before GoDaddy’s support of anti-privacy bills, like SOPA, PIPA, and now CISPA became public. Now that we know this, and as a company with privacy in our DNA, we think it’s important to consider privacy and digital rights in everything we do, from building software to choosing a company with which to register our domain names. 

Luckily, Namecheap shares our stance on privacy. Not only is NameCheap opposed to these bills, but they’re also donating $1 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), one of the best privacy rights organizations in the world, for each tweet (#CISPAalert), Facebook share, and domain name bought using the code CISPAalert.

Domain registrations

What’s wrong with CISPA? In short, it would make it even easier for companies, websites and social networks to share your personal information with government agencies. Read more about it on the EFF’s blog. The EFF makes it easy to take action against CISPA on their website, and we urge you to do so.

In the future, we will be registering any new Abine domains with NameCheap and continue to ensure that we partner with companies who share our vision of privacy for all.

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  • nous says:

    March 19th, 2013 by Tim Stumbaugh
    We try quite hard to make sure that our products reflect our values. One thing that we don’t have as much control over, however, is ensuring that the companies that we partner with also are aligned with these values.

    will you please show us the comparison between do not track me and others tools – like ghostery per example – using a chart : what donottrackme do and what the others do ?
    Speaking about value(s) and partners is useless as long as you do not see the result.

    Of course it is your blog and the subject is CISPA following a strange way of “auto-promotion” bling bling, it is the default of every blog : egocentrism outline.
    EFF share his vision of education and us-cityzen like all lobbys : no actual value.

    • Sarah Downey says:

      I’m not sure what you’re asking. I mean, this is our blog for our company, so we’re going to talk about ourselves. We talk about what we know, and we know our own company. If you’re looking for posts that don’t mention Abine, there are plenty of great privacy nonprofits with excellent blogs. We link to a bunch of them in the sidebar to the right.

      • nous says:

        @sarah downey
        thank you for your answer.
        i meant without to be ” impolite , unconcerned , agressive ” ; there are a lot of blogs and news about privacy ( like you have written to me ) and as users ; choosing a good online privacy is a little difficult without to be able to compare.

        Your links and eff’site are certainly perfectly clears and helpfull ; but from here (my home), it is not really that we need first : What is the difference – in terms of efficacy – between yours tools and anothers like ghostery, noscript, etc. ? I have searched and researched on the web , and i have not found a clear difference.

        But , that is enought with this subject.

        It is time now to let this place (CISPA) for M. Ongo and anothers good persons who are very concerned about their civil rights and understand better than myself what to do and what to choose.

        Sorry to have, maybe, disturbing you in your work miss Sarah Downey and i apologize it.


        • Sarah Downey says:

          Hey there-

          I see what you’re looking for, and I put something together for you. Hopefully this feature comparison chart of some of the major privacy tools and browser features is helpful:

        • Bill says:

          @Sarah Downey regarding helpful:

          This marketing analysis table comparing features in DNT to several other prominent (in 2012) privacy tools was very informative. Please consider updating and expanding it for Blur and other relevant tools (e.g., Privacy Badger) in Jan. 2015. The table also would make a great addition to your FAQ.

          One easy additional topic would be browser and OS support. An important but difficult topic would be a measure of the relative effectiveness of DNT/Blur. (Raymond Hill, A.K.A “gorhill”, has the best comparison I’ve seen so far.)

      • nous says:

        Thank you very much Miss Sarah Downey.

  • M. Ongo says:

    Thank you for another informative blog entry. It prompted me to go to the EFF page on CISPA and also to write my Rep and Senators. I did not, however, just send the form email opposing the bill.

    These issues are far too important to me for my email to be tallied Y/N and discarded. I want to know what position my representatives are taking and, more importantly, why.

    Luckily, the EFF page allows you to edit the email they’ll send. So, I asked my representatives just that: What is their position on cyber-security and how do they balance the law enforcement issues against the rights issues.

    Hopefully I’ll get answers to my questions and (more hopefully) an opportunity to open a personal dialog with the officials I elected.

    I feel that the creation of laws that may adversely impact our civil rights is very important. Too important to be relegated to a meaningless form-email response. That’s why I encourage your readers to take a little bit more time and ask a few questions of their congresspeople, instead of using yet another meaningless form-email to express their stand on the issue,

    • Sarah Downey says:

      That’s great that you went above and beyond. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the time or enthusiasm to do that, hence the form email.

  • Mike says:

    lol cispa lol

  • Bastinado says:

    As I recall when Hillary Clinton was talking about Iran blocking websites for it’s citizens she said something to the affect that access to the web/internet was a human right and how Iran was harming it’s citizens.

    Well gee golly gosh what is CISPA & SOPA? Isn’t the same thing Iran was doing just under a different name and disguise?

    Just my three cents!

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