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An expanding market for personal information has prompted growing concern about privacy. Anyone can run a simple search for your name, city, and state to reveal a number of data mining websites eager to share and sell your private data. Such easy and immediate access to personal information poses a number of privacy and security risks.

In fact, the FTC just announced that is to pay a hefty settlement in response to the FTC charges alleged against the company. According to the FTC, Spokeo was in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act for marketing consumer profiles as a resource for employment screening and background checks, while failing to ensure all information provided was accurate.  The icing on the cake? That Spokeo employees were writing fake endorsements about the site online.

Don’t want Spokeo selling your personal information? The first step in protecting and controlling your personal data is to remove any existing info about you. 

Follow these step-by-step instructions to remove yourself from Spokeo:

1.  Go to Type your full name in the search box, along with the city and state where you currently live, and click “Search.”

2.  Spokeo will generate a list of results.  Search through these results for your listing, and click on the appropriate listing to expand it and view more details.  Note that you will probably have more than one listing.

3. Each listing page displays some of your personal information and offers the “Full Results” for a price.  Copy the URL of your listing page by clicking in your browser’s web address bar, highlighting the URL text, and clicking “copy” from the right-click menu.

Copy the URL from the top of the page where you find your information listed.

4.  Go to Spokeo’s opt out page in a new browser window or tab. Scroll down and fill out the following in the specified fields:

  • Paste the URL of your listing by clicking “paste” from the right-click menu.
  • Enter your email address. Spokeo will send a confirmation email to that address, which contains a link you must click to confirm the removal of the listing. (Don’t want to provide your own email address? Go to Use the email address in the top right corner of the screen and keep the page open to receive your email.)
  • Enter the CAPTCHA code

5.  Click “Remove this listing.” You’ll receive the message “Please check your email for further instructions.”

6. Go to the email address you provided and open the email from Spokeo. Click “click here” to confirm removal.

 7.  You’re done! Your information will be removed from shortly. Sometimes it comes down immediately, but it can take up to 24 hours.

Now repeat steps 1-7 for all of your previous addresses and variations of your name.  Spokeo tends to post multiple listings, so you’ll likely find yourself on their website more than once.

Note that Spokeo only allows 5 removal requests per email address and IP address.  If you receive a message that says “In order to prevent abuse, we must limit the frequency of automated privacy requests,” use an email address from and use a free proxy server like TurboHide to access Spokeo’s privacy page and process more removal requests.

Be sure to go back and check for your information periodically.  Spokeo is always collecting new public records and information about you, and inevitably your name will pop back up on their website at some point.

Sound like too much work? Check out our DeleteMe service, which removes personal information from Spokeo along with 17 other people search sites, and we’ll do it all for you!

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  • MICHELLE says:

    I TRIED THIS AND GOT: We could not locate a directory listing for the URL provided.


    • Sarah Downey says:

      I’m not sure what you mean. When did you get the following message: “We could not locate a directory listing for the URL provided”?

    • Caroline B says:

      I grabbed my Spokeo listing URL from one browser (copied it from Google Chrome) and opened Internet Explorer and typed in [] and pasted the URL with my name and state into the space provided, typed in my email and the captcha and immediately received an email that had a link I clicked which removed my listing. You may have to do this several times, but the page confirming you are removed provides the form to remove more entries. Good luck!

  • Not peoples bussiness where I live, this website almost put me in danger.

  • Sheri says:

    Been trying to remove my name without success. I am doing everything that it says to do, but I do not get a confirmation email.

    • Judy says:

      Try clicking on an entry that came up for you. Once there, copy that URL and proceed from there. Worked for me.

  • Rich says:

    Just did all described above and successfully deleted all info for me and my wife. Thanks

  • Rich says:

    Be sure to search all previous addresses. They’re all there going back 20 years+

  • randy wright says:

    invasion of privacy ! No ones business where I live or work !

    • Sourdough Bob says:

      You’re confused: invasion of privacy refers to a government agent/agency taking private information about your without a warrant or consent.

      This is commercial data collection. Congress has failed to pass any laws to limit or restrict this type of activity.

      I don’t like that these companies are doing this, but they are not really violating any laws that we have.

      Both you and I are in the minority, by the way: the bulk of Americans are apparently happy to share everything with the entire world – look at facebook.

  • Cherry says:

    I removed all my information from spokeo as per above last year but when google my name I still show up with a spokeo listing on the google result that shows where I live and have lived, my age etc… When click on the link I go to the Spokeo website but my information is not there. It’s probably a directory listing in spokeo, since this contains so much private information , how do I remove this last trail ?

    • Sarah Downey says:

      Here’s a solution for you: if you ever see a link in Google that needs updating (in other words, you’ve removed or changed content on the publisher’s site, but Google’s search results still reflect the old content), you can use Google’s URL Removal Tool to fix it. Just go to

      Note that you’ll need a Google account. Just hit the “New removal request” button, paste the link to the site that needs updating, and under “Reason,” select “The page has changed and Google’s cached version is out of date” from the drop-down menu. Then follow the directions on the page and “enter a word that has been entirely removed from the live page but is still present in the cached version.” Finally, submit your request. Google will approve or deny it within about 48 hours. You can also view pending, approved, and denied removal requests.

  • Please remove my infomation now

  • I canceled my subscription, so why was my account charged $14.95 ?

    • Amy Gant says:
      you charged me three amounts three different time for no information.I want my money back or I will post these things and proof if my credit card over several web pages that are improve along with links and contacting Google yahoo and all radio stations thank you Amy Gant

  • cassie says:

    worked great! thank you!

  • kitcate2332 says:

    This is awesome! thank you. and the fake mail generator is genius! Thanks!

  • Lori says:

    I tried to get my info removed but as soon as I did the third step (highlight and click “copy” on browser) the copy, cut, and paste were grey and I couldn’t do it. Does anyone know what to do?

  • hunter says:

    Everytime I tried to opt out of Spokeo with a Maskme Email address, it told me to enter a “valid E-mail address.”

    What gives?


  • amanda says:

    I’m a minor so I don’t show up on here accurately, however, if I typed in my email, a whole bunch of my accounts (some not even mine but more are actually mine) appear, but I can’t get a profile for them. Is it because I’m not 18 that my records don’t appear?
    Added note; I managed to remove my mother from the site using only her name.

  • Danielle says:

    I keep getting “Incorrect captcha code. Please re-enter the code in the form below.” every time I try.

  • Mayra ramos says:

    I want to see what kind of pages boyfriend has please help!!!!!

  • I do not want this please delete me. From your files.

  • Bet M. Eddy JR. says:

    I don’t have a clue as to where you clowns got your information about me but I think if you want to send out information about a person you should at least try to get it right . Therefore I guess I should explain , I came upon your web site and decided to check my self out . The only thing I can honestly say you got right was , the town I live in. As for people I’m related to you really blew that out of the pond , who the hell are these people ??? Sounds like a bunch of dorks to me .The truth is I have only four living relative’s on this earth , I’ll not mention their names so they won’t get listed on your bogus web-site. I intend to check with my lawyer to see if there’s any way I can draw up a lawsuit against you clowns . Deformation of character sounds like a good place to start . I’d suggest you take my name off your site ( list ) and all the false information you have posted . I’ll check in on your site in a week or so and take it from there , I truly hope you people come to your senses and do the right thing by eliminating me from your website . Yours truly…. Bert M. Eddy JR. Charlestown ,N.H.

  • Alicia Belanger says:

    Some woman have stalkers you are putting their lives in danger putting there addresses up like this . Even if ONE woman is hurt by this it is one woman too many .

    • Kim says:

      I agred with you completely!!! This or any other companies like this should be shut down by law. Someone will get hurt

    • EJ says:

      Not just women, I knew a guy who almost got killed by a crazy woman. And she named this website under oath during her testimony!

  • Luyen Bui says:

    I don’ t my information show in puplic . Ban it!

  • SHELLIE says:

    JUST use the above instructions and it worked GREAT THANKS SO MUCH.
    i working on removing my email but its requesting my email address.
    “must be the same email as the one your trying to remove”

  • Kim says:

    I was just charged $19.95 from my debit card. Within minutes I called spokeo. They told me that I looked up a phone number, which I’d never seen before, and the email address connected to my account was not mine. I’d never heard of Spokeo before today. Now, I’ve demanded my money be refunded and this account closed. They gave me a cancellation conformation number and the money would be refunded in 3-7 business days. I haven’t looked myself up yet, but I’m highly irriatated with this whole situation. I will follow your instructions above if I find myself. It should be against the law for this company to do what’s its doing! Thanks for your help and advise. Hope my deleting myself works

  • nilla oetomo says:

    spokeo you are invading my privacy……how come I can’t delete my name…..Delete my name…..understood!

  • Christine says:

    I am outraged by this website. I tried to remove my information through the online email privacy url request, but it did not work. In spite of receiving confirmation emails from Spokeo that my data was removed, it was not. (I went through the whole process twice for every address of mine listed.) I had to call customer service and request removal of the data. I strongly encourage filing a complaint against them with the FCC (which I am doing). Also, I believe they are closely linked to Linked In and getting a lot of information from them. I am also going to cite Linked In in the complaint. I have closed my Linked In account as well, which you may consider doing if you really want your information private.

  • Delete Spokeo says:

    I removed my info from Spokeo about a month ago, and it’s already refreshed and back up for viewing.

    How many times do you have to opt out? Plus, when you opt out the info is never complete removed, there are always residual links and such.

  • Kurt says:

    Thank you.

  • Hubert Brown says:

    I have been trying to opt out for months, and I got one bill from my credit card showing you having been removed from billing–Next month you charged $14.95 again–since then I have been billed every month, sometimes twice a month ! I consider that predatory practice, and if it continues, I will report to the authorities ! If that doesn`t get results, I will cancel the credit card! Don`t make me resort to that, please ! OPT ME OUT !!

  • Amy Gant says:

    Givemy money back. You told me nothing suppler to be a week free trial you charged me three times over forty dollars for nothing. I want my refund.thank you nicely one time.time’s

    • Nathalie Renaud says:

      I know its a scam the same happened to me, they don’t have a telephone number to cancel this shit ??

      Thank you !

      • Abbi Todd says:

        Someone used my bank card and all my information so how do I get my $30 something back in my account? I’m really mad cause no one has the right to do this to me cause I have no reason to look anyone up.

  • This sight publishes incorrect information. I am listed in FL. with addresses I never had or know where they are. Remove this junk and stop charging for INCORRECT information. I have a non published number and how did you get it?? Too many bogus, creepy calls because of your website.

  • Nathalie Renaud says:

    I tried for my first time and I was not able to get any info on the phone number so I would like to get a refund and I do not want to be billed again !!

    Please Reply !!!

  • Abbi Todd says:

    Need to know how to get my money refunded cause someone used my information and I’ve never heard of thos spokeo at all. I want my money back in my account asap before I call an attorney about this.

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