February, 2012

Why Do Not Track really means Do Not Target (and doesn’t protect your privacy on Facebook)

Alongside the White House’s announcement of a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, many advertisers have agreed to honor consumers’ Do Not Track requests.  This is a step in the right direction for privacy, sure, but it isn’t what you think.  “Do Not Track” really means “Do Not Target,” because advertisers and websites can still collect […]

When delete means delete: the inside story of our FTC complaint against BeenVerified.com

You’ll need some background on our DeleteMe service for the following post to make sense:  our service deletes your personal information from many of the largest people search websites that list it.  These are sites like Intelius.com, Spokeo.com, and WhitePages.com.   We monitor your personal information online to ensure that it doesn’t return, and we […]

Sticking it to the people search sites

Tell us if this situation sounds fair to you:  dozens of websites you’ve never heard of are publicly displaying and selling your personal information–your address, phone number, email address, family members, etc.–and profiting off it. The companies selling your personal info don’t ask you first if it’s okay, and you don’t make any money from […]

Introducing DoNotTrackPlus: Keep your personal information personal

Note: As of December 2012, Do Not Track Plus has been renamed, revamped, and re-released as DoNotTrackMe! Give us the chance to convince you why our new free browser tool will give you the most control you’ve ever had over your internet life. Do Not Track Plus (DNT+) peels back the cover on invisible online […]

Understanding your online privacy: a (really long) infographic