January, 2012

Google’s Good to Know campaign and privacy

Google wants to educate you about privacy with a website and campaign called “Good to Know.”  They’ve spent tens of millions to get the word out about Good to Know, which has great information on things like how to shop online safely, choose a smart password, and actually understand what an IP address is. We applaud […]

Why the Do Not Track header is like a smoke signal

Here’s a good privacy-related quote to start off the week: “It’s like sending a smoke signal in the middle of Manhattan; it might draw a lot of attention, but no one knows how to read the message.” – Mike Zaneis, senior vice president of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, on why sending the Do Not Track […]

The anti-privacy Facebook glitch that’s driving me insane

I’m stuck in an endless loop on Facebook, and it’s infuriating. I like to review which photos and posts people tag me in before approving or rejecting them.  It’s a failsafe called Tag Review–you should try it (here’s how). So I’m going over the things I need to review, and one of them is a […]

Meet Rocko, our occasional office dog

Our co-founder, Andy, has the best dog ever, and sometimes Rocko graces us with his presence in the office.  Despite his size, he doesn’t realize he’s not a lap dog (see picture). He also has to howl at sirens and other high-pitched things, which is cool for conference calls.  You can see it in his […]