December, 2011

Regular people are fighting back against big tracking companies

In a USA Today article earlier today, Byron Acohido reported on how more and more regular people are taking online privacy into their own hands and fighting tracking with free tools like our Do Not Track Plus. It makes sense:  big companies in Madison Avenue and Silicon Valley make money off your data, so of […]

Top 10 movies not to watch with your parents

Here’s a situation where privacy matters:  watching movies with your parents.  A scene that might not make you think twice when you’re in the privacy of your own room or hanging out with your friends could be the most awkward experience ever when you add mom or dad to the equation.  Even if you’re one […]

The top 6 FAQs about facial recognition

With the FTC currently focusing on facial recognition, we figured it was a good time to  provide answers to the 6 biggest questions about this technology and how it affects you. 1.  What is facial recognition? 2.  How is facial recognition being used today? 3.  Can I be recognized?  How? 4.  What can I do […]