November, 2011

Facebook auto-sharing gone wrong, and how to fix it

Editor’s note:  it turns out that the image below is a fake–there’s no porn app that’s integrated with Facebook’s frictionless sharing.  We had no idea.  Regardless, it’s an example of the type of thing that can happen with oversharing, and our instructions for changing your privacy settings to avoid it still hold true. We love […]

Facebook still missing the most critical privacy setting after FTC settlement

After Facebook’s privacy settlement with the FTC, what you do on Facebook will be more protected.  That’s good news, but it doesn’t address the fact that Facebook tracks its members (and even non-members) off Facebook.  And Facebook knows more about your internet activity than ever before. There is no privacy setting anywhere in Facebook that […]

Just a shot of us using a shower as a conference room

We have a shower in our new office space, and although we’ve been here for over a month, no one’s used it yet.  Until now.  Say hello to David and Brian, who are putting the shower to good use. David’s in marketing, and Brian does those cute cartoons you see on our site.  The rest […]

USA Today uncovers Facebook tracking: we stop it

The secret’s out:  Facebook tracks you everywhere you go online for 90 days, even when you’re logged out, even if you’re not a member.  USA Today’s Byron Acohido shared the story today. We hate to say we told you so, but we did:  we blogged about this problem over a month ago–not once, but twice–and […]

Hi from our new office

We recently moved from Central Square in Cambridge to downtown Boston, and today marks a milestone for us:  we finally got our coffee situation set up. Here’s a photo of what we’re working with in our new office. We wanted to show you what’s fueling us in our quest to get you better, smarter privacy.  […]

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