October, 2011

LinkedIn selling your resume? IPO changes how they’re using personal info

LinkedIn has a new product that’s geared more towards building revenue than building relationships.  It’s called Talent Pipeline, and it’s for job recruiters to go after “passive talent”: gifted potential employees who aren’t actively looking for jobs. As blogger Lauren Fisher notes on simplyzesty.com, it looks like LinkedIn is “moving more into being a network […]

Privacy is not about hiding bad things

Privacy isn’t about hiding bad things. So what is privacy? It’s about protecting our freedom to do good things. Until we recognize this simple distinction, we’re in trouble. Privacy isn’t some dark shadow that only “bad people” pull over themselves when they’re doing “bad things.”  Stop thinking about it like that.  Instead, picture it like the protection […]

What tech execs are saying about your privacy

For more background on Eric Schmidts’s quote, here’s an infographic showing how they know all this stuff.

How encryption can keep Facebook from snooping in your chats

We figured now’s a good time to get the word out about our encrypted Facebook chat, now that the news has broken on exactly how much data Facebook collects about you. Facebook collects and stores information in at least 57 different categories, including chats. Facebook draws a distinction between the old chat system, which wasn’t […]