September, 2011

Background check site Intelius launches TrueRep privacy service

Updated 10/11/2011:  Although TrueRep does have paid features, we’ve learned that it’s free to suppress your data from appearing on Intelius and three of its partner sites.  Suppression is limited to your two most recent addresses and one phone number, and it doesn’t extend to Intelius’s other partner and affiliate sites, such as Zabasearch, PeopleLookUp, […]

How the new Facebook buttons are watching you

At f8, Facebook’s developer conference, they’ll be announcing a bunch of new buttons that will join the 905,000 websites that already use “Like” buttons.  Now you’ll have “Read,” “Listened,” “Want,” and “Watched.” buttons. But did you know that social buttons track you at each site you visit, even if you never click on them? This […]

5 new Facebook photo changes to make to protect your privacy

A picture’s worth a thousand words, and a damaging, embarrassing, or scandalous Facebook picture can be a career-ender (not to mention a personal nightmare).  Just look at the case of Ashley Payne, a teacher who was fired after her employers found photos of her holding beers on Facebook.  Although Facebook overhauled all of its privacy […]

How to turn on Do Not Track in your browser

Want to learn how to turn on Do Not Track in whichever browser you’re using?  You’ve come to the right place. Note: for more comprehensive help on enabling all pro-privacy features in your browser, check out our previous guide. First Things First:  What is Do Not Track? “Tracking” refers to the many different methods that […]

How people search sites (a.k.a. data brokers) get your information

Click the image below to see the full infographic:

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