March, 2011

Why more tracking protection is not better

You don’t need to run multiple tracking protection lists at the same time. Period.  In fact, doing so can give you less privacy online.  How is that possible?  Read on. A recent study carried out by Which? Computing revealed a flaw with TPLs:  if you use two or more at once, conflicting instructions on different […]

To track or not to track? Introducing DoNotTrackPlus

We recently released a new add-on called Do Not Track Plus (DNT+) that combines some different technology approaches and standards like Do Not Track, all meant to help consumers enjoy better and easier online privacy, into one package. Here’s the full press release: Why offer one solution that supports a bunch of different ways […]

Your name, their database: removing yourself from people search sites

Have you ever Googled yourself and found your name and contact info listed publicly online?  This is a common phenomenon, and it’s happening to more of us every day.  A few weeks ago, we ranked the best and worst of people search websites:  places like,, and that collect and post your personal […]