November, 2010

Is Santa spying on you? How to shop online privately

Arm yourself with 12 easy ways to avoid spying, spamming, and the tracking of your personal information when you shop.

Facebook’s iron fist: they want the real you

You might be shocked to read how important your real identity is to Facebooks future plans.

Attention online shoppers: don’t let Black Friday be “Track Friday”

Stop getting spied on when you shop with these 7 ways to protect privacy There are plenty of good things about shopping online during the Holidays: no lines, no screaming children, no traffic, no crowds, no fitting rooms, and no ‘Jingle Bells’ playing endlessly on loudspeakers (unless you choose repeatedly play it in the privacy […]

Come discuss privacy at MIT

Join MIT’s Cambridge Enterprise Forum Digital Media SIG to discuss online privacy. You’re Being Followed — Online Privacy Today This will be a panel discussion that presents an overview of the tracking industry as well as a discussion from both the consumer and corporate perspectives. Abine will be there on the consumer’s side. Come join […]

The “Right to Be Forgotten” in the EU

The EU plans to legally limit online personal data collection to “the minimum necessary” for websites to provide their services and require “transparent disclosure” on what, how, and where information is stored and used.  As Digital Trends’ Geoff Duncan put it, “While much of the rest of the world is concerned with the complexity of […]