Will password managers like Blur work on Microsoft Windows 10 and the Edge browser?

Not yet. Microsoft claims it will add extension capabilities to Edge in 2016. According to a Microsoft representative, the delay is a result of efforts to create a safe browsing experience, and they are  “actively working to develop a secure extension model to make the safest and most reliable browser for [the] customers.”  

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New year, new you: Time to change those passwords

According to the fifth annual report by SplashData, the average person hasn’t changed their tune when creating passwords, and most of us certainly haven’t learned since last year. The report listed the Top 25 Worst Passwords of 2015, compiled from a list of over 2 million leaked passwords from 2015.

The top two worst passwords of 2015–“123456” and “password”–remain unchanged from 2014. They are followed by simple combinations from the standard keyboard and common words or phrases, especially words relevant to 2015 (think Star Wars).

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Mobile payment apps don’t deliver the security that you ordered

With more of our lives moving to mobile, and concerns about identity theft after data breaches in recent years at companies such as Target and Chase, consumers are looking for simpler yet more secure ways to pay. Enter the age of mobile payment apps. Read More

What you need to know right now about LastPass and phishing

Recently, cybersecurity researcher Sean Cassidy revealed a phishing tool called LostPass that he developed to attack password manager LastPass. LostPass was even able to bypass 2-factor authentication, raising security concerns among the many loyal LastPass users. Read More

How your digital life can be compromised in 47 seconds

It can happen to you.

In the Digital Age, we are constantly creating online passwords for new accounts, from online newspaper subscriptions to online shopping platforms. Since it is nearly impossible to remember all of the usernames and passwords, many of us link accounts or keep passwords saved on our devices for automatic login.

Somehow, many of us think that we are immune to cyber security threats and continue to use the same weak passwords for multiple accounts. But we are all vulnerable to hacking, and it can happen in under a minute. Read More