Abine on Apple’s ‘differential privacy’: should you care?

apple-sign-wwdc-2016-2If you’re a fan of Apple or use any of their products, then you’ve likely been following the recent news at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference. One of the new “features” that’s been getting press is Apple’s announcement that they’ll begin using technology known as “Differential Privacy” with iOS 10 in order to continuously improve the iOS user experience.

Although Apple typically never shares their OS secrets, they did provide the following explanation about differential privacy: Read More

Mary Meeker, bankers, and VC’s have nothing to say about online privacy

mary meekerIn Ms. Meeker’s time-honored annual tome of macro statistics and themes getting “re-imagined” online privacy has, for the first time, deserved some attention.  After illustrating the global slowdown in new smartphone purchases and Internet users, Ms. Meeker dedicates a slide to “Growth of Ad Blockers” (and a handful more talking about what kinds of advertising are working) and, finally, by page #207, she talks about the data privacy debate, listing events like Snowden and the Apple / US DOJ encryption battle.  The next several slides detail survey results about consumer privacy concerns and end with a suggestively rhetorical question: “Do people care about privacy or do they care about WHO has their data?”  Read More

Apple Pay isn’t gaining traction – it should go online

ap_imageA recent report has called out Apple’s lack of traction for Apple Pay – especially outside the US where it only has a handful of banks as partners:

The report and mainstream media also compare Apple Pay’s figure of $10 billion in transactions in 2015 to Apple’s more than $100 billion of iPhone annual sales.  We’re unsure why, because iPhone users paying with their phones (for other goods and services) is unrelated to how much they spend buying their phones or phone plans.  Read More

Discussion: How do “Normal” people remain anonymous on the internet?

BlurA recent article by privacy expert @TroyHunt (creator of https://haveibeenpwned.com/) is discussing ways to help “normal” people remain private and anonymous while on the web.

In this post, we’ve taken some of the comments directly from his article, in addition to the comment thread from Hacker News, and addedour comments highlighting – we admit selfishly! – how our solutions address some of these issues.

The theme of a number of the discussions is how to make online privacy practices easy enough for average users (e.g. not super-technical).  This is a key mission of Abine.     Read More

Supreme Court Ruling on Spokeo vs. Robins and how it relates to DeleteME

US Supreme CourtSupreme Court ruling on Spokeo.com

If you’re concerned about your personal information being out there in public online and especially if you’re a customer of Abine’s DeleteMe service, we thought you’d be interested in hearing about the recent Supreme Court decision concerning the data broker Spokeo.com.  Spokeo is one of the many data broker web sites which DeleteMe removes you and/or your family’s personal information from.

It is not often the Supreme Court rules on a case involving online privacy and personal information, and this case (Spokeo vs. Robins) is very important for anyone concerned with how companies are storing and using our personal information.  Read More