So, what happens if Abine’s servers get hacked?

data-breachThese days, the next big data breach announcement is seemingly a weekly occurrence. Often, the companies getting hacked and their associated data breaches are a result of lax security protocols, but it increasingly appears that no one is immune to the growing number of threats, sneaky hacks, and unknown vulnerabilities latent everywhere in software running across the Web.

It makes sense, then, for our customers to challenge us – Abine might mean well and be on a mission to protect my privacy, but won’t you just end up getting hacked like everyone else, including Equifax? Read More

Equifax Woes Continue: Work and Salary History is Public Info

equifaxIn early September, Equifax announced a data breach  that had been discovered in late July, potentially exposing personally identifiable information (PII) of 143 million consumers across the U.S., U.K. and Canada

[READ: Equifax and why Identity Protection needs to be destroyed and recreated]

Now, as being reported by KrebsonSecurity, it’s clear that Equifax’s lack of security within one of their subsidiaries have made it almost too easy for hackers and ID thieves to access detailed employment and salary history of impacted individuals. Read More

Concerns Grow Among Ad Industry with Rollout of iOS 11

safari-iconIn late September, Apple released the next update to its extremely popular operating system, iOS 11. Like most operating system updates it includes the normal performance improvements, security patches or bug fixes you’d expect.  This time through, Apple also introduced Intelligent Tracking Protection in its Safari browser, and major players in the ad industry are particularly concerned about how this could play out in the future.  That’s because “Intelligent Tracking Protection” sets a limit on how long certain cookies — the ones usually used to track users for advertising and ad targeting —  can exist in the browser before they are automatically deleted. Read More

Equifax and why Identity Protection needs to be destroyed and recreated

It’s not just Equifax. The entire iequifax_tickerndustry is full of itself, corrupt, and hawking
services with close to zero value. It’s hard to find the perfect words but the best
descriptor for current identity protection is probably simple: “insurance fraud”.
The problem of managing our identity online is real – we live increasingly digital
lives with the inevitable result that our information is more and more exposed.

At the same time hackers and the tools they use for finding data online are always
improving. The Equifax data breach is literally the last demonstration the public
should need to see clearly that big company solutions today claiming to protect our
identities are a joke. They need to be destroyed and recreated from the ground up. Read More

Blur V. 7.6: Improvements, Updates and Bug Fixes

blurIt feels like it’s been FOREVER since the last Blur update! Last week, we finally released Blur v. 7.6, our first update in a few months. It may not be obvious at first, but we’ve been hard at work over the past several months improving our backend structure, a wide variety of Blur features, in addition to improving our DeleteMe service.

Check out our favorite Blur improvements below: Read More