How you can use Abine’s Blur App with iOS10 and iPhone 7

apple-inc-logoIt’s become a regular September event with Apple—the tech giant has once again delivered its latest news: the iPhone 7 is here.

Apart from the fact that every iPhone user will eventually have to switch over to wireless headphones, the iPhone 7 introduction did not appear to be a breakthrough announcement by any means.  Read More

WhatsApp + Facebook: When does the sharing end?

whatsapp and fbThis week, WhatsApp announced that it would finally be sharing its users personal information, including your mobile phone number, and other personal information with Facebook advertising and marketing.

This will allow Facebook to market target advertising opportunities to your “truest social graph” – the people and groups who message you and who you message back, daily.  Read More

Masked Phone: Stop giving away your real phone number

donotcallAt Abine, our #1 priority is helping consumers keep their private information private. In addition to Abine Blur’s Masked Emails and Masked Cards feature, one of the cool premium features included with a Blur subscription is Masked Phone.

Just like Masked Emails and Masked Cards, we recommend that you give out your Masked Phone number online—or in person—whenever you’re uncomfortable giving out your real phone number. The Masked Phone number that you receive from us acts as a ‘forwarding’ phone number that will forward all calls and text messages to your real phone number, without sacrificing your privacy or being forced to give your phone number to slimy companies who will sell your phone number to the highest bidder. Read More

Why is it O.K. for Facebook to force users to watch ads?

FacebookFacebook announced recently that it’s forcing users to watch ads even if they have ad-blockers installed in their web browsers by disabling the blocking.  

The social media giant is stirring controversy by saying that it will serve ads to users with ad-blockers turned on.  It’s estimated that about 20% of U.S. web browser users have added an ad-blocker to their browsers.  That’s starting to look like a lot of lost revenue.   Read More