Senior Execs and the Value of DeleteMe

Senior Executives See Value in DeleteMeAnger 2

Many customers get angry with companies for a slew of reasons and they often blame the people at the top – the senior executives – for their

problems.   A tiny fraction of these people are hot-headed and in their anger will often “go after” executives. Where in the past they might write a letter to the CEO, today, they instantly fire up Google and try to find executives contact information.

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Who is watching you open your emails?

Snooping Email Marketers are Tracking You

Snooping detectiveIt’s been a long day, your email inbox is full of messages – many of them unread. You quickly eyeball them, a few catch your attention, maybe you’ll come back and open them later. After lunch, perhaps, or maybe after that meeting.

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Firefox adds Tracker Blocking to Private Browsing – Abine’s view

Firefox adds Tracker Blocking

FF Private BrowsingMozilla recently added tracking protection as an option for its private browsing mode, taking Firefox one (baby?) step further than other major browsers when it comes to private browsing. We at Abine were makers of “Do Not Track Me” for Firefox (now merged into our premier privacy service called Blur) consider adding tracking protection in private browsing mode a smart move. It is part of making Private Browsing live up to its own name.

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Experts Warn About the Next Victims of a Sensitive Data Breach: You

Historical data breaches

ashley_madisonMost people probably had the same overall reaction to the Ashley Madison data breach, or the infamous nude photos of celebrities that were leaked in 2014, “Not my problem” or “I’m not a celebrity.”

However, bloggers and tech. enthusiasts are beginning to warn internet users of the next likely victims of a data breach containing sensitive information: You. Read More

How To: Import LastPass Data into Blur

lastpassLast Pass Gets Acquired

At Abine, we believe that LastPass is an excellent choice as a Password Manager. Now that LastPass has been acquired by LogMeIn , hopefully, they will continue to be excellent. However, we’re now getting many more questions from LastPass users about how to switch over to Blur, and how they can import their LastPass password manager data into Blur.

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