Are Ad Blockers “Breaking the Internet”?

ad-blockRecently, there has been a lot of discussion regarding the rising use of ad blockers like Adblock Plus, Ghostery, Peace (iOS), the Brave Browser, and more  (more info: here, here or here).

One of the issues not often discussed regarding the use of ad blockers is their tendency to “break” webpages. In many instances, ad blocking software not only blocks ads on a site but will block functionality the user would like. Read More

Blur is installed, but it’s not working! Help!

Blur iconsEvery now and again, our support team receives a question somewhere along the lines of: “I have Blur installed on my internet browser, but the icon is not responding when I click on it, and it’s not offering to save passwords, mask emails, mask credit cards, etc…” Read More

Why are my Masked Emails not forwarding properly? Your questions answered.

stop spam email

One question that we get all the time in support is regarding the success of email forwarding for our Masked Emails. In this post, we’ll address why your Masked Email addresses may not forward to your target inbox 100% of the time.

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Are your tax records providing access to your personal information?

This article was written by Joe Sutton, Head of DeleteMe at Abine. 

Each spring, we are reminded of one of the unfortunate constants in life: paying taxes. As Tax Day approaches, the relief that comes with filing taxes and the anticipation of receiving a refund is enough for most people to happily forget about their taxes until the next year. Unfortunately, they may come back to find you in ways you might not expect. Read More

Blur Masked Emails: The VPN for email addresses

It’s 2016, the era of Big Data, and between Apple’s recent encryption debate with the FBI and news of government database hacks, you’ve decided it’s time to beef up your online security to protect your identity. If you already use a VPN to protect your identity while browsing online, you’re headed in the right direction. But with the addition of Blur, you can make your online life more secure and you can better protect your private information.

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