The cost of free trials, and how Masked Cards can help

free-trialThey say the best things in life are free. That is, until the trial runs out and your credit card is charged.

It’s happened to the best of us: a tempting offer rolls around and you gleefully give up your credit card information in exchange for a free trial of a product or service. Inevitably, the cancellation deadline sneaks up on you, and you are billed in full for the next month of service, whether you like it or not.

As people get more comfortable using their credit cards online, this classic scenario grows more common. Have you ever tried, or considered trying, a free trial of…

  • Online entertainment, like Netflix or Hulu Plus?
  • Premium social media, like LinkedIn Premium?
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4 tips to protect your child’s internet safety

How to protect your children onlineIt has become common knowledge that advertisers track everything we do online. While once worthy of front page headlines, it is now old news that companies make money by analyzing the way we use and interact on the web. We have become well-informed of the privacy invasions that are now inherent to the internet. Children, on the other hand, are naive.

We live in a highly digital world, and the internet is everywhere – at home, at school, on the go. Ten years ago, it would be unfathomable that a conversation about your child’s internet safety would be so important. Today, however, a conversation on online privacy is imperative to keep your children safe on the internet.

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Why do data breaches happen? 4 myths debunked

data breach mythWham—news of a data breach breaks. Updates flood the internet, accusations fly between parties, and everyone speculates. Why? How? What happens now?

Amid the chaos and the hype, it can be difficult to get clear, accurate information about what’s really going on when a data breach occurs. While data breaches are certainly a complex issue, equipping yourself with basic knowledge of them can help you to navigate the news, to handle the aftermath, and to secure your data as best as you can.

Let’s get the story straight on why data breaches happen by looking at four common myths… Read More

Heartbleed vulnerability and Abine: Why you’re safe


Not pretty!

On Monday a serious vulnerability was reported in OpenSSL across the web. The vulnerability – coined Heartbleed - allows data to be stolen from websites that are typically secured by SSL/TLS encryption.

OpenSSL is used by roughly two-thirds of all websites on the internet, so the situation is critical for internet users to be aware of. The vulnerability can reveal the contents of a server’s memory – including usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers.

Let’s dig deeper to see how this affects you.

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March Madness champions: Boston startup style

Boston Startup Champs

While college basketball teams have been duking it out to win the title of March Madness Champion (congrats UConn!), we have been in our own March Madness competition: Bostinno style. In a grueling competition versus 63 other Boston-based startups, we just took home the championship! Thank you to everyone who voted for Abine; we truly appreciate your support.

We had some fierce competition — Gazelle, LoseIt!, and Bit9 to name a few. All of our opponents certainly gave us a run for our money. Great job to all startups who participated and thank you Bostinno for hosting such a fun competition.

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